I remember this exists… most of the time

Time for that weekly update! I’ve been updating the LSF thread on the updates to Rising Angels: Reborn, so I figured I might as well bring the blog back up to speed. However, I am not enabling comments again because it was a pain sorting through the 99.99999% that were spam comments. If you want to talk about it, please head over to the LSF thread.

Wordcount: 41,000
-This is so much longer than I was intending, but the story is rolling very nicely. I’d say the script is at about the 60% complete for the first route. Editing for the next block of script should be starting soon. I’m going to say that the finished story will probably be around 80-90k.

Backgrounds: All done!

GUI: Coded and done. I would like to give a moment of thanks to SundownKid for putting in the hard work required for this. One of the (many) complaints with previous works was that there wasn’t a unique GUI and it didn’t fit the size of the game. That’s one problem solved! One of the awesome things being added to this project is a database of terms, planets, species, ect to help our newcomers. While some things are still woven into the story, I’m trying to combat the info dumps… with codexs of info. Various things will be unlocked as you go through the story.


CG: Remember when I said at the start of this that I’d do CGs when hell froze over? Well, guess what? It’s subzero here in my office now. I’d like to welcome [url=http://fieru-ri.deviantart.com/]fieru-ri[/url], our new CG artist. While there may not be a lot of them, Rising Angels: Reborn will have CG!

Sprites: Progress on sprites is moving along at a good pace. Several sprites are done. Here’s an example of the awesome art you can expect in the final story.

Okay, I think that wraps up this week’s updates. I’ve probably forgotten something, but that’s why I always welcome questions and comments. Contrary to popular belief, I do listen to suggestions. I haven’t even gone on any depressing emo rants this development since I was politely asked to stop.