Bland and unfilling

Weekly update:

Word count: We had an inspection this week at work. Between the long hours and the constant exaustion, nothing got done. Yeah… I’d apologize for not getting anything done on the script, but my day job pays for all of this. It gets priority.

Sprites: All of the sprites are now done!

CG: No updates on the CGs

Music: We’ve added a few more tracks. They’re pretty good, I think you all will enjoy them.

…yeah. Not a whole lot to update today. I’ve got a few things I need to look into after getting back a few reviews of the script, but overall things are going quite well.

…so. Yeah. Not sure what else to say here. Stay tuned next week when I have something substantial to say. Until then, here is a piece of pretty art with the two route characters so you won’t burn my house down for such a paltry update.


I’m going to blame listening to the video of the week for my lack of motivation after work.