Short news post

I’m in the middle of typing up a new report as we begin the start of a new season of development, but let’s just drop a couple of hints first.

– Rising Angels: The Red Rose and Rising Angels: Reborn are both getting expansions and some other cool additions. Red Rose is getting the most modifications to it. In addition to a large number of the existing scenes getting rewritten, there are a massive ton of additional scenes being added. CG will be added, as well as a new GUI, sci-fi backgrounds, and a soundtrack closer to what is heard in RA: Reborn. It’s going to be pretty much a brand new game, so we are giving the expansion a new name, Rising Angels: Hope. Special thanks to MusicAO for the logo.


– Rising Angels: Reborn is getting an expansion as well. We are mostly going to be adding to the mystery scenes, Sol’s route, and a few minor things here and there based on feedback from the original release.

– There will be a kickstarter ran to help the studio with these pretty massive expenses. We’re already going through a pretty impressive list of rewards (dakimakuras, lore books, character additions) to help reward those that help the studio out in its time of need.

– Updates will be starting again weekly. These will cover the RA expansions and our minor otome projects.

– Rising Angels: White Flame (the hentai attempt) is in indefinite hold. I’m a terrible hentai writer and I’m still trying to get things right.

– Rising Angels: Fates is still in development. I’m writing full time on both of them, so if I seem to be very tired of late, this is why. Go support RA: Reborn/Fate’s artist, Nuge, on her project, Lemon Project.


Better updates will come this weekend, so please bear with this very lacking post.

Don’t worry, folks. Chief is back…