RA Fates #1: Nations

Hey, folks! Chief Komi the Writer here with the latest and greatest of the updates! Before we get anywhere in this update, I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has donated so far. Your donations are critical towards making this game a reality. Words cannot convey the extent of my gratitude. We are currently over a quarter of the way there and I know we will be able to keep the movement strong and make it to that $4k mark!

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Okay, gushing aside. Let’s talk shop. Today I want to talk a bit about the first route in the yuri series, Zuri. Well, that’s what I was going to originally talk about before KS ate my update. So instead we are going to talk about factions in the game today and talk about Zuri tomorrow after I’ve calmed down a bit.

In the universe of the Rising Angels series, there are three major superpowers.

Katajion Directorship: One of the three intergalactic superpowers that governs the central twenty four worlds of known space. Lead by a group of fifteen men and women of varying races and homeworlds in charge of different sectors of government, the Katajion Directorship has a wide-spread but weak central government. While each director has charge of their individual sector (Eg: Space Forces) to set rules and regulations, most power resides in the individual planets. Between a strong belief in rugged individualism and a long history of ineffectual directors, the Directorship is more of a confederation of planets than a true federal government.

While there is no “good guy” government in the universe, all of the protagonists to date have come from the Katajion directorship. Most of the Katajions are relatively simple people trying to survive in a harsh universe. Since its inception, that KD has been fighting for its continued existence against warlords, foreign governments, and its own leadership. The idea that the best way to solve a problem isn’t to go through the formal chains of command but by striving independantly against it is commonplace in the ranks. Natalie is almost the perfect embodiment of Katajion ideals. Despite what leadership says, she heads out to protect her home against dangerous threats with a team of trusted individuals.

Of course, this is also why the Directorship is very ineffectual and almost always on the defensive. One important thing to remember when working with Katajions in Rising Angels: Fates is that even though they may be allied with you, allegiance is often a fickle thing.

Notable Katajions in Rising Angels: Fates: Natalie Puccile, Sol Hackett, and Sora Doichu.

Ryu’llian Republic: One of the three intergalactic superpowers that governs the thirty northern worlds of known space. Lead by a congress of three hundred representatives (five from each world) and a president, the Ryu’llian Republic is one of the few true democratically elected governments remaining. While they advocate peace between the Katajions and the Raltins, they understand the danger posed by the war-mongering Raltin Empire and provide the Katajion Directorship with both financial and military support in the on-going conflict. However, with the most recent election of congress, support for the war seems to be dwindling as Ryu’llians become more and more worried about the state of their own affairs.

The Ryu’llians are an interesting bunch in the universe. Unlike the Katajions and the Raltins who are prepared to fight each other to the death over territorial claims, the Ryu’llians prefer diplomacy and negotiation to direct warfare. The constant bloodshed of the universe isn’t their concern. The plights of others is not their concern. What matters most to most Ryu’llians is maintaining their philosophical ideals of sentient rights and ensuring that even the smallest of voices can be heard on the political stage.

With the exception of a few planets, most of the republic wants to keep as far away from the southern conflict as possible. During the course of the investigation, Natalie will have a harder time getting information out of those who hail from the republic. As speech is an art form, most Ryu’llians also will be wary of Katajion investigators and their truthfulness should often be questioned. Are they trying to help Natalie keep the war away from their borders or are they simply trying to get rid of her?

Notable Ryu’llians in Rising Angels: Fates: Zuri, Ambassador Akasha, Dr. Azure Minata

-Raltin Empire: One of the three intergalactic superpowers that governs the forty six southern worlds of known space. Unlike their more free and independent northern neighbors, the Empire is ruled by a strong central government lead by the descendents of their founder, Emperor Colin Howe. With a history of traditional beliefs in discipline and etiquette, most imperials find it their sworn duty to defeat the enemies of their heritage, the Katajion Directorship. After nearly a century of conflict and strife, the Empire seems to be losing its war-mongering drive and is settling on developing their homeworlds.

Natalie’s natural enemies and active foes lay in the Raltin Empire. Unlike the incredibly liberal Katajion Directorship, the Raltin Empire does not lay stock with individual freedoms. However, unlike a Katajion, you instantly know who a Raltin is loyal to without question. They are loyal to their homes, they are loyal to their state, and they are, without fail, loyal to their emperor. The emperor’s word is unquestionable, as is his wisdom. The idea that the imperial state could possibly be wrong is molded out of its populaces heads at an early age.

There is only one way that a Raltin would ever consider helping out a Katajion, if it directly helps to bring further glory to the empire. Where a Katajion or Ryu’llian might consider Natalie’s requests for help, if it isn’t approved by the state a Raltin won’t even consider it. While this makes them for useless allies to the rogue Natalie, it does make them a lot easier to predict and plan for. As long as Natalie can keep ahead of the hive mind, she can keep ahead of any possible Raltin tricks.

Notable Raltins in Rising Angels: Fates: Imperial Vicar Alexi, Scheris


Okay, going to call it here for today’s update. There are some non-state players to join the ranks, but those are for another day. The update schedule got upset by my minor illness over the weekend, so we are gonna be pushing updates a little more frequently this week. Right now, our upcoming updates will include both Zuri and either Sol or Kika, a special video showing a story section (with Kika), and an investigation section to help show you some of the ideas we want to implement into Rising Angels: Fates! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Zuri update (with some art)! Chief out!