RA Fates #2: Villian #1 Alexi Bloodfang

Hey, folks! Chief here again with another update! I know many of you were looking forward to hearing more about Zuri and some of the crazy things behind her development, the crazy psycho…. I mean, charming imperial vicar beat her to the punch and gets to take today’s character update!

Choices, choices.
Choices, choices.

Name: Alexi Bloodfang

Age: 25

Gender: F

Rank: Vicar of the Imperial Household

Nationality: Raltin

Bio: Alexi grew up on a poor desert world with little wealth. In order to survive, Alexi turned to cutthroat thievery and preyed on those to traveled to her world. Unable to stop her rampage of crime, the imperial government offered her wealth and protection from the law if she would use her “talents” against their enemies. While she doesn’t care for much for her supervision, Alexi loves the chaos they wreak upon the universe.

Chief’s notes: For those of you who have followed my work for a long time, you’ll know that I very rarely have a direct and visible antagonist. Normally my antagonists are always out there in the nether, doing their dastardly deeds until the protagonist cleans everything up and saves the day. Very rarely do the villains move in the open when our heroes can directly engage them. Normally they only get to take down a minion or minor villain. Stan would be the best example of this with his downfall.

Alexi is the next step up the Raltin chain of command. While their actions can be argued to also be for the betterment of the universe, Alexi’s actions can be easily defined as hindrances to Natalie. The opposite is true as well; Natalie’s efforts to prevent Stan from accomplishing his assigned goals means that Alexi’s plan was disrupted. What that plan is though remains to be seen… When we last left the Raltins in Reborn, they were nothing more than a hypothesis. We never see a Raltin ship, a Raltin agent, or anything other than speculation to their presence. Alexi is here to change that.

When I was deciding who the Raltins would be fielding for their agent attempting to secure the artifact, I wanted to make a strong foil to Natalie. I needed someone who could think on their feet, move independently, and, if need be, be more than willing to get messy if the situation called for it. I didn’t want a bumbling fool like Stan or some evil monster of the night. It’s hard to take a threat seriously when they sound like Team Rocket.

Alexi is the empire’s answer to SITO agents. Skilled in combat, armed with both technology and information, and prepared to give their lives to the glory of their emperor. When it comes to Natalie’s interactions with Alexi. Not only is she more than willing to simply kill Natalie and all of her team, but she has the means and ingenuity to pull it off. Killing people and tying lose ends is something that Alexi loves to do for coin and country.

But there is one thing going for Natalie against this red-headed nightmare. While Alexi wants nothing more than to take revenge on Natalie for an action in their past, she’s also a diehard imperial and places her emperor’s wishes before her own. If Natalie can force Alexi to accept that their working together is the only way, perhaps they can look past the bad blood between Raltins and Katajions.

Or at least stall a little bit before the knife ends up in Natalie’s back.


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