Rising Angels: Reborn coming to Steam

Hello, folks! Komi here again with an exciting new update! I had a fun little build up planned for this, but I’m just too dang excited to beat around the bush. In a partnership with Sekai Project, IDHAS Studios is proud to announce that a special extended version of our hit visual novel, Rising Angels: Reborn, will be available on Steam on September 12th, 2014! That’s right, you heard it! Not only are you getting the chance to download your favorite visual novel on one of the largest digital distribution systems, but it’ll be containing extra bonus content. There’ll be a few new CG and over 30% more story. New options, new routes, and the beginnings of a new yuri romance with another crew member! That means hours of new adventures, new additions to the soundtrack, and the cleaning up of a few buggers that slowed down the original release!

Spread the word! Chief out!

Since I haven’t had a video of the post since we were talking about the kickstarter (WHICH IS STILL GOING ON AND NEEDS YOUR HELP!!!), let’s have one!