Regarding the Kickstarter exclusive route for Fates

UPDATE: The KS exclusive route was removed and re-added back to the game. We listened to the mob and did something else instead. Please stop sending me hate mail over a year after this decision was reversed. This post is kept for historical purposes. Thank you.


Hello, folks. Chief here to help explain why I approved the decision to make a kickstarter route exclusive. I’ve been getting a lot of angry stares across the bar about it, so I’m taking time from writing my updates about Faye and Natalie to discuss it.

The decision to make a KS exclusive route was a difficult decision and one I didn’t make lightly. Since the studio’s inception, our stance has been firmly against any sort of corporate commercialism. I’ve funded everything out of pocket. My day job takes care of me, so I could fund everything without worrying about personal finances. I want as many people as possible to enjoy what I do.

However, recent problems have forced me to cut project funding and keep my paycheck to assist with my personal life. It awaits to be seen if this will be a short term problem or long term. This has put me into a painful situation where I must ask those who have enjoyed my work to help keep things going. Not a dollar of this nor the sales of Fates is going into my pocket. It’s going straight into Fates so everyone has something to enjoy over nothing. It’s going to make sure the next game can have all the content you want and be accessible to the masses. However, if we don’t get past this barrier, none of that will ever happen. That’s why I’m giving this as a thank you to those who will prevent the crash of the studio. Without help now, there will be nothing for anyone to enjoy.

I’ve been told a lot that I’m driving people towards piracy. If people want to pirate it, I can’t stop them. I work 50+ hrs a week before I even get home to do development, I quite literally don’t have the time. I very much understand why they’d do it. However, their actions aren’t going to be hurting me. As I said, nothing of this goes into my pockets or even compensates me for the writing as every dollar (including every dollar I can spare from my wallet) goes towards more art, music, and gameplay code. They’re hurting themselves and the others who enjoy the game because I’ll have to cut content, put us right back in this situation, or shut down development entirely.

Old Chief Komi isn’t a businessman, he’s just a writer who wants to keep making things for people to enjoy. I hope this helps explain why I made this decision.

Chief out!