Fates Weekly Update #5

Hello, folks! Chief back for the weekly update! It has been an interesting week in the world… just not very interesting here. It’s one of those weeks where there’s not a lot for me to do other than try to amuse you all with a dance number! Unfortunately, I also mildly injured my knee this week, so no dance number either.

-Wordcount: 23,113 (5,239 this week) This week was mostly focused on writing a few scenes for the first world that Natalie will visit, the neutral world of commerce, Celestia. For those of you who have played Rising Angels: Reborn, you will remember that this is where we last left Natalie. For those of you who remember Rising Angels: The Red Rose, this is the homeworld of Jade and Mana. While it is a neutral world, it enjoys a good relationship with Katajion Directorship. This is good for our hero, as they are unlikely to try and deport Natalie. Sadly, they are also much more likely to let the Katajion Judicial Sector forces and SITO agents have free reign in trying to arrest a certain blonde SITO.

-Background art: A few more of the backgrounds were completed! Since the writing was about the adventures of Celestia, let’s show off one of the locales that you will get to visit. When you have one of the best SITO in the game hunting you down and an Intelligence Director who wants to have a meeting with you, back alley escapes are going to be your friend!


-No updates on the wallscroll or Natalie dakimakura. I apologize. Also, next week I will give an excerpt from either the book of short stories or codex. Is there a preference people would like to see? I’m not sure yet what I’d pull from the codex, but I think the short story would be an excerpt from Zuri’s tale.

Short update this week, much larger update next week. Until next time, Chief out!