Fates Weekly Update: #6

Hello, again! It’s late Saturday night and you know what that means! Time to unleash the arsekickulator! WOOWOOWOOWOWOO! I mean… time for the weekly Fates update. It’s been hard to write this with Fuzz trying to sleep between the keyboard and monitor, but I’m getting through his paws.

-Wordcount: 26,314 (3,201 this week, three 5AM mornings ruined productivity) This week, I decide to jump ahead a bit and write some of Akurel’s route scenes. Originally, Akurel’s route was going to be completely independent. The problem with this is it had to end with you destroying Zuri’s feeling in so many ways. While a few people might enjoy that, Zuri was the most loved character Reborn and one close to my heart. Instead, Akurel’s story is going to be intertwined with Zuri’s. They are two peas in a pod, it only makes sense to tie their stories together. It’s going to be tricky, but it is looking likely that there will be a happy ending for everyone.

-There have been some questions about which routes are going to be included. Right now, these are the routes planned for each version.

Free version is the core story and Zuri’s route. I refuse to be the guy who gave one piece of the overarching story away for free and then charged people to continue.

Commercial version: Core story, Zuri’s route, Kika’s route, Sol’s route, Alexi’s route, Faye’s route, NĂ me’s story, Syl’s route, and Akurel’s story.

Note: Not all of those routes are romantic. Natalie is not going to sleep with her younger sister.

-Wall scroll: The initial sketches have been delivered for the wall scroll! We went into a fair bit of debate at the studio about how we should do this. Originally, I was thinking it should be just Natalie. Then Natalie and Zuri. In the end, we decided that we should have the wall scroll be of Natalie and her team. Maybe there will be one later of the villain teams or some romantic interests, but I wanted this one to be special.

-Dakimakura: The sketch for Natalie’s is done! I’d love to show it to you, but that’s something we are saving for the backers right now. Also, we are getting a batch of Faye’s done, so hopefully we will have something more physical to show off in a couple weeks.

-NaNoWriMo: I normally don’t participate, but I decided that I want to use this event to write some short stories for both the short stories book and a few for the public to enjoy. Write now I’ve been considering a couple ideas and I’d like to hear from you all! Would you like to see?

-Tales of Zuri and her hatch as they survive in the wilderness

-What happened during the conspiracy Sol got wrapped up in (technically a rewrite of a really old story)

-Alternate Universe with the cast back in high school (yeah, Sunrider inspired me a bit on that one)

-Something else? Comment or e-mail me now!

I think that’s it for now. I’ve been doing a lot of coding for the RPG the studio has been working in the background for the last couple years. It’s been making me think of ways that I can help increase the fun and excitement of the gameplay. Well, until next week… Chief out!


PS: There was no images for the Fates public update, so let’s do a video of the post!!! I also haven’t done a studio update in a while, so I might write one of those up tomorrow.