Fates Weekly Update #10

Hello, folks! After that freak early evening post, we are back to our usual late night writing. I’m on a bit of a vacation since it is Thanksgiving, so night is my friend. I’m like Batman… except totally not like Batman. I think my cat might be more like Batman than I am. He darts around, fighting evil and beating up on robins.

Wordcount: 41896 (5012 this week) Being on vacation helped me out with getting some extra time to write.

-I want to take a moment and thank welcome our new musician to the team. You can check out his works here.

-For those of you who have been with the studio, I did a cross-compare of Name from Anton’s Vacation to her in Rising Angels: Fates. I think we’ve been evolving for the better.

-I failed NaNoWriMo. Horribly. I apologize to everyone. Words cannot describe the level of failure. The good news is that I did manage to pass all of my tests at work so I can keep being able to work on this, so I do believe that it was a decent trade-off.


So the big thing this week is that after a long debate, we have decided to split up the routes a bit. The original plan had Natalie following the “to be continued” route of Fates. There were two different ends to that, but both of them required Natalie to keep the crystal. After the debate, we decided that we were going to allow you to choose the other ending where you decide to turn the crystal over to the government. This shakes things up a lot; it wasn’t an easy decision to come to. It’ll increase the main plot writing, but it also means we don’t have to find what was increasingly arbitrary reasons for Natalie to be associating with members of the enemy faction. It isn’t going to increase the number of character routes, but it will break them out.

As we are working on the GUI, there will be a different graphical version for the different factions. A bit off topic, but there might be a demo coming up in the future…

Katajion Defense Force faction: If you decided that Natalie should hand over the crystal instead of keeping it from the government, a lot of your former allies feel betrayed. If you aren’t willing to accept being a warrior, Zuri will. Kika is swept up with Zuri, unsure where she belongs. Sol’s reasons for joining Zuri are a mystery… perhaps there is more to his defection… While you may have lost your friends, you do gain better trained allies. With Anton and Sora on your side, you get the power of the KDF intel network and a lot more reliable information from official sources. With Agent Syl Logivechk, you have arguably one of the best assassins and bodyguards in the game. And Name… well, she’s there because someone has to be the pessimist of the group. The last member of the KDF faction is the adorable Faye Moonfallow, who is still dependent on the increasing amounts of KDF medical attention.

Character routes: Faye Syl Name Sol

Rebel faction: If you understand that your government can’t be trusted with this power, then you are going to be a little more stressed to find allies. A lot of the people Natalie will have to turn to aren’t the official types or traditional allies. Finding the needed resources and information is going to be trickier, but you’ll also have a greater range of minds to help you figure things out. From the Raltins, you will gain the alliance of Alexi and her band of imperials. From the Ryu’llians, you’ll get the ambassadorial power of Akurel. Following up the back from Marakia, you get the brain power of Nigel Hackett and a team of researchers working on the crystals legacy. With their powers combined, you are Captain SITO! Oh, and you might have the undying loyalty of your comrades from the Nimross.

Character routes: Zuri/Akurel Alexi Kika Sol (alternate)

You won’t be able to join the true enemy faction. Sorry, Natalie is trying to save the universe after all.

Going to make it a short night. This is a bit of a filler week since next week is going to be pretty massive in terms of updates. I wish we could have had everything ready by the 10th Weekly Update, but 11th is just as good… right? Until next week, Chief out!