Fates Weekly Update #15

Hello, folks. Chief here again. It’s a super late update this time. I’ve finally found enough time to start writing at the usual time I post. It has been a busy day.

-Wordcount: 3,665 (Still mostly focusing on writing Zuri events. The more I write Zuri, the more interesting she is to me. Her route might end up being my favorite, though it is too early in development for me to be picking favorites. This week’s events involved a lot of options in her early scenes. One of the complaints about Reborn was the lack of interactivity. While there is a ton of interactivity in presenting clues, asking questions, and some creative investigation in the investigation part, expanding some of the interpersonal relationship options in the story sections was high on my priority charts. Like Reborn, it is possible to turn Zuri away with consistent cold decision, I wouldn’t consider it to be her bad endings. No, to get the worst endings in Zuri’s route, you can’t attack Zuri’s beliefs. Instead, you have to attack her trust. There’s nothing worse to the a warrior who questions herself than to not have the faith of her close friend. While I know nobody here would intentionally seek the bad ends, they are there. Looking at the outline, the worst possible ending for Zuri would require you to break her heart, find the clues to the mystery, and make a painful decision at the end that is borderline genocide.

In short, I’m being a terrible person and writing a lot of unhappy scenes for Zuri’s route. Don’t worry, Zuri bad endings are the easiest to dodge. Kika however…

-Dakimakura update: Natalie’s daki is finally done! Tomorrow, I will start sending out surveys to the backers at the daki levels to determine which one you would like. It will take a bit to get them produced and then shipped, but we are finally moving forward with the physical merch stuff. I apologize for how long it has taken. Wallscrolls and everything else will also be sent out at that time. For those of you who are interested, a few extra daki of each type will be printed and available. However, I’ve made the decision to not do reprints of anything. Once they are gone, they are gone. Once they are in and I have the numbers remaining, they will be available for purchase on the IDHAS site.

As a reminder, this link is NSFW and should be treated as such.


-As a part of NaNoWinter, Nuge and I are working on a short little quiz/dress-up game for the Rising Angels series. The game will follow Kika and Blade during their cadet years as they try to raise money for a fundraiser by working at Chief’s Cosplay Cafe. For those of you who are curious, yes, this is a real cafe that is ran by Chief. Okay, that’s a fib, but the game will be out at the end of January and will be completely free.

-Got the first rough from the soundtrack in this week. Hopefully we will be able to show a track from the soundtrack soon!

Next week we will be introducing a new character. Until then, I’m grabbing some much needed sleep. Chief out!