Fates Weekly Update #19

Hello, folks. It’s that time of the week. It has been a pretty rough week and I’m looking forward to some sleep. On that note, going to be a short update week.

-Wordcount (3501; this week was mostly focused on trying to work out the details on how the Anton team route is going to work. Right now, we have two viable strategies. The first one is to give you the option of joining Anton as Natalie via a specific ending of Reborn. The second idea is to let Natalie’s younger sister, Name, take the second protagonist role. I’m rather fond of letting Name take a whack at being the second protagonist. This would allow you get to play parallel, seeing both routes and influencing the story overall. Natalie playing with the rebels, Name playing with Katajions. Both gather hints and clues that can create the overall picture. Or have you commit familicide. I doubt that will solve the problem, but failing has such fun consequences…

So that is question one for the audience: Do you think it would be more fun to have split routes with Natalie on one side and Name on the other or just have two completely different stories of Natalie and her allegiance?

Second thing I’ve been working on in my head is the flow of all the routes. I hate to say it, but all but one worked out well. That last route is one that isn’t working out well. Sylvania Logivechk is a very cold person to those she hasn’t grown to trust and enjoys their company. That’s not the kind of friendship Natalie can gain in a couple weeks of traveling and for those of you who remember Anton’s Vacation will remember that Name and Syl strongly dislike the other and barely maintain a professional work environment. While I can figure it out with the power of deus ex, I can offer a potential solution.

Lenna, Yoi, and Syl
Lenna, Yoi, and Syl

Right now, I have three possible characters who could have routes.

-Lenna Edeck, a young former pilot who run away from her job to become a singer with the man she loved. Unfortunately, this did not turn out well for them. Unable to find work, Lenna and Sol fought and bickered to the point where they split up. Forced to return to her roots on the streets, Lenna dreams of finally finding that world where she can live happily. (Lenna and Natalie are not friends over Lenna’s paranoia over Sol and Natalie’s friendship. However, it also gives them a touchstone to rebuild their friendship. -Natalie and Name have some very slightly friendship over the conspiracy in the past.)

-Yoi Mono, an elven ranger who is often hired by the Katajion Directorship to support Anton Rogers. Playful and energetic, Yoi tries to think on the bright side of life and enjoys life. Under all the smiles though is a woman who is under immense amounts of pressure by her organization and worries that she is alone in the universe. (Yoi and Natalie haven’t met, though Yoi would attempt to make friends with any new party members. -Yoi loves flirting with Name and considers them to be good friends no matter how much they fight.)

Syl, the cold assassin that left the life of murder behind her to become a bodyguard. Despite the rough life of killing from the age of 13, Syl doesn’t let the life of death overwhelm her. In fact, she doesn’t really think much about it. Being a woman of education, she leads her life in peace and calm. (Syl has no relationship with Natalie. -Syl and Name hate each other.)

So I am going to give you all the chance to vote. Which character route would you like to see included? Please either send an e-mail to the overwatch@idhasstudios.com or post a comment.

That’s going to be it for this week. Until next time, Chief out!