Fates Weekly Update #28

Hey, folks. This weekly update almost didn’t happen. Why? Because I nearly burned down an apartment building. As you may have gathered from last week’s post, I was in the process of moving. After more trips up three flights of stairs than I want to ever do again (until I move out), I was almost done. Then I realized I had one day to completely clean the 3 bedroom apartment. Seven hours to be exact. Pretty much by myself. Fuzz had left a lot of stains and messes for me to scramble and clean. I almost submitted to the temptation to clean by fire, but then I realized I had packed my lighter away. So, in the end, I got to waste most of last week moving and cleaning. This week’s lesson for all of you is to bu… can’t say that… plan ahead?

-Wordcount 2,022 (More writing on the core of Natalie’s story. Though they may be sisters, how they get things done is rather different. Not even intentionally different, just how their personalities influence investigations. Name is a very direct person. Writing her investigation scenes ends up with a lot more pressing people and a fair bit more natural distrust. Name doesn’t speak her mind very often and has a lot more internal dialog as she processes the information gathered during investigation scenes. As I was writing Natalie’s this week, the differences jumped out. Natalie confides a lot more into Zuri and Sol, bouncing her opinions off of theirs. Even when she withholds information (by player choice), she still tends to talk her way through problems. The thing I find most interesting is that I’m not sure which of them has the better method. Name isn’t at as much risk of spreading confidential information or letting the traitors and confused in her group cloud her judgment. Natalie can gather additional perspectives and can find answers that would otherwise be sealed off from her personal biases. I’m pretty excited about the comparisons and am more sure that it was the right choice splitting her and Name up.)

-Voice acting auditions are still going on. If you haven’t gotten your audition in, there is still plenty of time as auditions will not be closing until the 24th of April. More information can be found here.

-Soundtrack is progressing well and should be done by sometime in June.

-We may possibly add another writer to help ease the burden on myself. While I am an experienced writer with a lot of time behind the keyboard under the belt, this week has proven how even the best can get beaten down by real life. Another writer would help mitigate those problems and also reduce the burden on me. While I am not completely committed to this idea yet, I will accept any interested writers’ applications at overwatch@idhasstudios.com . Just make sure you send over a sample of your writing, preferably a completed visual novel. It would be a paid post, I’d just need to figure out what the budget can afford.

-Hope is going well and should be out sometime later in the month. For those of you who are new to the weeklies, Rising Angels: Hope is the remake of the original game, Rising Angels: The Red Rose. The story is being fleshed out and finished, the GUI is being implemented, CG are added, and all in all, it should be a fun time for all. We’re still working out the cost as there has been a recurrence of the free for all to enjoy vs raising some money to help add more things to Fates debate. It’s a philosophical debate that will go on forever, I think. Either way, all backers of Fates and studio donators will have it for free and two weeks early when it is finished. Right now, we are waiting on the last of the CG.

-If you all have not had the chance to play Perceptions of the Dead, I highly recommend you check it out. It’s a fully voiced short horror VN done by our awesome partners over at Ithaqua Labs! Geckos is an awesome artist; Nyogtha a talented writer. There’s a lot of cool effects in Perceptions that we are hoping to add to Fates, so… GO CHECK IT OUT! Android version can be found here, PC/Mac/Linux can be found here.

Anyway, I’m wrapping it up. Not only are there a bunch of NaNoRenO games I want to try out, but I need to work on getting back on track. Until next time, Chief out!

Video of the post is one you all should take to heart! I often ask myself it playing Heroes of the Storm!

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  1. When is Perceptions of the Dead going to have its own forum/link on this website?
    When is Perceptions of the Dead going to come out with more part(s)?

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