Fates Weekly Update #37

Hello, folks! Chief here after another week of exhaustion and suffering. Too many early mornings! Whoever invented 5 AM needs to be taken to a psych ward for an evaluation. Why do most characters in stories work banker hours? I envy them so much… Anyway, if this update doesn’t seem to make much sense, blame the lack of sleep.

Wordcount: 5,544 (This week I decided to take a break from writing the events of Bri VII and Ona’thon. There are times when everything is overwhelming that I just don’t have it in me to write tense and dark scenes. During those moments, I like to write the character scenes. This week’s scenes were Sol’s. Sol’s scenes and possible romance are tricky, but I’m kind of fond of them. Sol’s scenes assume that you ended with being close to Zuri at the end of Reborn. While they’ve always been very close friends ever since they went to the junior academy together, recent years have strained their relations. Between Lenna driving a wedge between them and their arguments on Sol’s behaviors, there are a lot of small sticking points.

But that strong bond is still there. It may be hidden behind all of those disagreements, but it is still there. One of the first things that happens on Celestia is that Natalie needs to get it out on the table. Spending no time with her when they all thought they were going to die, his treatment of Zuri and Faye, and his abandonment. Those first few scenes are going to be tough on the player. You can fight it out with him or you can just smile and keep those concerns to yourself. What is the correct answer? I’m not going to say. False smiles might be better than tearing Sol’s heart apart or it could scar a man who considers himself to be a close confident of Natalie.

Sol is a pretty hard person. He doesn’t like to show a lot of emotion. He’s an officer and damn proud of it, even if he doesn’t wear the uniform anymore. During the core and investigation sections, Sol is a very reliable source of perception and calm. Like when he considered Zuri’s guilt in Reborn, he tends to think things through calmly. His character scenes are a bit different. There’s moments when the iron curtain cracks and you can see the other sides of him. The things that make him laugh, smile, and even a couple moments of sorrow and worry. Will you embrace him and rebuild your once trusted friend or will you let the gap widen…

Updates on last week’s question: As some of you may have noticed, I completely forgot to include the 4th option. Why? Because it was a terrible option that I’m kind of glad that I forgot about. Votes ended up leaning towards option #1, which was going through Natalie’s Act 1 and then going through Name’s Act 1 and then alternating.

Music: The soundtrack is almost complete thanks to the awesome Terranivium! Here’s a rough sample of what awaits!

That’s all for this week. After a week of early mornings, I’m heading to bed! Until next week, Chief out!

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