Fates Weekly Update #41

Hello, folks. I know many of you came out here tonight expecting to hear the latest and greatest on the development of Rising Angels: Fates, but there isn’t going to be a lot today. Between being a host to friends and family on this holiday weekend, I’ve been tied down with my day job. That means there isn’t a lot of time to write a solid weekly and my brain is too mushy to write something charming and witty. Gonna be short and brief tonight, we’ll get back to the regular show next week.

Wordcount: Couldn’t tell you, I’ve deleted and rewrote the same set of scenes more times than I care to count. For the regular viewers, you’ll remember that I do a lot of prep work going into a scene to keep rewrites to a minimum. While that is a key technique, it doesn’t work in all situations. I’m trying to wrap up the Bri VII scenes and I just can’t find a way that makes me satisfied that you, my dear readers, will enjoy. I think what I am going to do is just add some additional scenes to branch out the story in a direction that would allow the conflicts to resolve themselves. Part of the problem with writing branching stories is that you hit points where you should have an option, but having the option just messes up your existing flow. Natalie should be given a chance to survive her bad decisions, though you may have to work for your survival.

Gameplay: Anyone here a fan of 999 and Virtue’s Last Reward? I am! This may come as no surprise, but I’m a fan of puzzle solving and old school adventure games. That being said, we are now testing the implementation of some extra game features into Fates. In addition to the usual questioning and investigation sections, we were thinking about adding some puzzle solving parts since Natalie spends far too much of the game trying to escape both the authorities and the culprits. I’m currently playing code monkey to find a way to tie them together to create a seamless adventure of fun. Before I open the floor to opinions on inclusion of these extra features, I would like to get a working demo or play video to give people an idea of what they could be.

Art: Due to some health complications, we will soon be looking for another artist to assist our under-the-weather CG artist. If you are interested in working with us, please send an e-mail to overwatch@idhasstudios.com . We will be doing a formal offer posting in the upcoming week. Early warning, while we are not forecasting any possible delays to release, we will keep everyone posted if this does cause any issues.

Not the most positive weekly update, but there isn’t anything that Chief hasn’t seen and handled before. Now I need to go before someone uses fireworks to set something on fire. Until next time, Chief out.

For the video of the post, let’s have something overwhelmingly cheery to brighten the mood!

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  1. Reading these updates makes me eager to see the game when released.Hope the CG artist gets well and best of luck on the completion of the game 😀

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