Fates Weekly Update #44

Hey, folks. Chief here, trying to keep awake at his desk. It’s been a long week and everything is starting to take its toll on me this weekend. Being wiped out by my day job seems to be a common theme, I know, but this week was more taxing than usual. It was so bad that Fuzzy decided to cuddle with me several times. The moment cats start showing affecting without expecting a bribe of food you know you are not doing so hot. My birthday is coming up soon, so I think fighting for a small vacation might be in order.

Wordcount: 4,999 (So close to that 5k, but I ended early. This week was a return to Act 1 after finishing up Act 3 last week. I’ve been trying to get all of the character routes and investigation scenes done for the early part so that we can finally get that demo out. It was originally planned months ago, but I held back after we decided that we wanted to release a full Act 1 as a demo instead of a chopped down one with a few features missing.

The character route I was working on this week was Sol’s. Sol’s route inclusion is something that has caused a small amount of controversy because it was viewed as a hostile invasion of otome into yuri. While I will not dwell too closely on that line of thinking, I do think including Sol’s route was a good idea. Unlike the rest of the cast, Sol and Natalie’s friendship is something that has extended for years and years. There have been a lot of rocky moments between them (Lenna being the biggest point of contention between them), but they have always kept that bond strong. Sol has always been something of a pillar to Natalie. Whenever things have started falling apart, she could always count on him to lend an ear and reliably help however he could.

But there is a lot on Sol’s mind as we enter Fates. Over the years, Sol has lost a lot of friends to the war. He almost lost another one on the Nimross without being able to do anything other than continuing his duties as the executive officer. Having to count on Zuri to be an emotional anchor for Natalie while he continued his duties took a tough mental toll on Sol. With the Katajion agents closing in on them, Sol doesn’t want to keep losing friends, his emotions are slowly starting to creep out. Part of the fun of having multiple routes is that in the Zuri/Akurel/Alexi routes, Natalie isn’t there to listen to him because she is pulled away and Kika instead serves the role as Sol’s vent box. The one little difference ends up shifting a lot of the relationship lines because Kika gives advice a lot different than Natalie. Kika and Sol is another one of the possible relationship lines in Fates. There are a couple non-MC ones in addition to them as well, Faye/Lenna being another prominent one you can make happen. Anyway, off-track again.

But with Natalie being there, Sol has his oldest friend to hear the troubles of the heart and mind of the dutiful officer. Will it give fuel to the sparks that have always flickered between them? That waits to be seen… Either way, writing scenes with Sol not being annoying, angry, grumpy, or exhausted has been pretty fun!

Art contest: There is only three weeks left in the Rising Angels art contest! Remember to get those entries in soon!

Voice acting update: The voices for Act 1 and Act 2 are in the hands of the code monkey, by which I mean myself. Right now, we are going through each line, reviewing it, and coding it into the respective section. I’m hoping to have all of them coded in before the end of the upcoming week. With everything coming into place, we should have something solid to show you all soon.

Also, we still have auditions going on for the minor character, Elizabeth, and the recasting for Zuri. You can find out more about it here.

Order of Ataxia: Taking a moment before we wrap up this session to do a quick plug for the kickstarter being ran by another team (and led by old Chief) under the IDHAS banner called Order of Ataxia: Initial Effects. It is a slice of life BxG visual novel with some heavy fanservice, but I hope you all will take the time to see if it interests you.

Doctor Charles Malcom always dreamed of worlds far beyond his own. With a team of scientists and countless experiments, he finally broke out of Earth and onto the rest of the planescape! Unfortunately, his experiments caused unforeseen troubles by disrupting the flow of other worlds. With the gods of the planescape threatening punishment for all eternity, it is up to Charles and his overseer from the gods, Fallore, to right the wrongs his devices have caused.

This time, Charles finds himself in the city of Aidis, a faltering castle town with a thief problem. A thief who has her eyes on a royal magical treasure, the machine core of experiment #26. Will you side with the elven thief, Raiyne, to help liberate it from the clutches of Lady Beta and her court or will you remain loyal to the court and find a way to safely (and legally) liberate it from their possession before it brings about doom?

With that, I am heading to bed before I end up passing out a third time while trying to write. Probably because I wrote too much Sol, a generally alert person, and not enough of Faye. Passing my exhaustion on to my characters… that’s how it works, right? Until next time, Chief out!


Video of the post is one of the few things that made me laugh this week. NSFW: Cursing

2 thoughts on “Fates Weekly Update #44”

  1. First time posting here. What I want to ask is if you plan on having adult-oriented scenes in the sequel or are you keeping it around the same rating as the first Rising Angels? If you do plan on having adult-oriented scenes, then will you have a patch available for those who wiah to purchase this on Steam?
    Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I look forward to playing Rising Angels: Fates when it comes out.

    1. There was some consideration early on about the inclusion of mature scenes into the game, but the end decision at the moment is that we will be keeping roughly around the same rating as RA: Reborn. We will be fading out to black for the few routes that would enter into adult content.

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