Fates Weekly Update #45

Hello, folks. Short update this week as we continue the slow trot towards release. SGDQ was going on this week, I hope you all were able to take the time to support the good cause and catch some awesome speed runs!

Word count: 5,092; After the week of romance with Sol, I returned to the core story. There are so many different ways to enter Act 4 that I’ll be writing this section for quite a while. The different options that you gather in the previous acts all come to a climax in the final act. While I love the various scenarios that opens up, it makes a dozen and a half possible ways to get into the act. Different version do have some similarities, but most of them have major differences. For example, having Faye not be with the party means that one of your strongest proponents for peace between the parties isn’t there. Without her there, the difficulty of brokering a ceasefire between Natalie and Name increases a lot.

While there is an ending that I would consider the best (everyone survives and the culprits are stopped), I wouldn’t say there are any truly bad endings. Don’t get me wrong, a pretty large majority of the possible endings aren’t incredibly positive. Based on who makes it and what clues you have gathered at the ending, you’ll be forced to make some pretty hard choices on what you have to sacrifice. Heck, you might not even want to prevent the end of space travel by the time you get there. In short, there really is no right choice, just what lengths that you, the player, are willing to go.

The ending I’ve been working on this week is one where both sisters manage to gather enough clues to understand what is going on, but somehow managed to get there with absolutely no party members left. That’s right, you can get there with Anton, Yoi, Syl, Faye, Sol, Kika, Zuri, and Alexi dead (Eve and Akurel having left). I’d say it might be the hardest ending to get because you have to make some terrible choices, but somehow survive them. It’s written so you can’t slip up, else one or both of them perish to their mistakes. It’s pretty heartfelt for both of them, seeing what you’ve had to lose to get to that point. There’s no happy end for the romance routes, but you can see the story to a satisfying conclusion by saving the world with no massive losses of life. I’m pretty fond of this ending, honestly, though I don’t know if I’d say it is my favorite one without writing the rest of them.

I think I am going to alternate writing endings, bounce back and forth between the lighter and heavier endings. As good at suppressing emotion as I am, I don’t think I can keep writing the darker endings one after another.

-I am still taking suggestions for the side story. Nobody ended up sending me any thing they’d like to see for the public story that will be included in the short stories book. Doesn’t have to be canon, it can be some fun little alt universe story. If nobody gives me any ideas by next week, I’m gonna write Sol’s Manifesto on Why Lupide Are Not Cute.

That’s it for the week, I’m afraid. This week was mostly just a lot of writing. Next week we should have something more interesting to talk about than the many terrible decisions that await you should you let Faye die. Until then, Chief out!

4 thoughts on “Fates Weekly Update #45”

  1. For the side-story thing, I wouldn’t mind in the slightest if it was just a cutesie story about Natalie and Zuri during a day off, or something like that.
    (This would assume that you are pursuing her as your love interest.)
    A Kika x Faye story would also be nice.
    (I don’t care WHAT you say, I think it would work.)

  2. I personally found the idea of Sol’s Manifesto pretty funny, so I was hoping it’d stick even if there were new ideas for stories around.

  3. I know you probably heard that question before: When will Red Rose part 2 come out? I was so deeply into this story and can’t wait to read more.

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