Fates Weekly Update #46

Hey, folks. So, I took a day off from development this week. Why? Because it was my birthday and I turned… I’ll let you all guess. Mostly because I don’t remember myself. It was some time after the Wright Brothers invented the airplane. Back in those days, we did all our coding on paper and used puppets for our sprites. Oh those were the days…

Wordcount: There wasn’t any writing this week. No, this was a nearly full editing and coding week. As we are nearing the release date, I’m putting away my keyboard and… putting the keyboard back out to fix all of the mistakes I made while typing. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but being half-asleep has a direct impact on writing. While it does make me quite a bit more creative and willing to try new ideas and incorporate them into the story, those words don’t always make it down on paper quite right. By quite right, I mean I’ll write half of one sentence and change to another sentence halfway through. It may have made sense at the time, but…

Also playing a lot of code monkey this week as well. Since the voices for Act 1 and Act 2 came in, there is a lot of coding that needs to be done so the voices play right during the game. You can’t tell how well the voices did if you can’t see them in action, right? Well, that also means getting all the sprites properly coded in. Lots of code. Lots and lots of coding. Very repetitive coding as well. But that’s how it goes when you make a visual novel.

Voice acting update: Auditions for Elizabeth and the recast for Zuri have closed! We should have a casting update for everyone soon.

Art contest update: This is the final week of the Rising Angels art contest. That’s right, if you have an entry that you want to submit, this is the final seven days to do so! We will be accepting entries up until the moment I manage to roll out of bed next Sunday morning.

Rising Angels: Hope update: Hope was nicknamed because of my hope that we could finally see the story that I originally wanted to tell. Not living up to the name. These CG delays have driven me mad, I swear. Since the artist has again failed to deliver, I am hunting down a CG artist to help me complete the remaining illustrations and finally put this story to bed.

Short story update: I got a pretty large number of people who wanted to hear the Sol manifesto, which caught me a bit off-guard. It was a bit of a joke because Sol gives Faye that manifesto in Hope and I really didn’t intend to write another one. Don’t worry, you all will get that soon. The other idea thrown out there was a story involving Faye and Kika. We might be giving Faye and Kika some time off to have their own little vacation. I’m considering possible locations to drop them into. Maybe something a little more… exotic than the usual settings. We’ve got some fun locales in the universe that haven’t been visited in years.

That’s all for this week! Remember, one week left for the contest. The writing contest will be starting in a few weeks as well. Until then, Chief out.


Video of the post is a great birthday song.

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