Fates Weekly Update #47

Hello, folks! Short post because D&D ended up running late. Just the updates, none of my usual witty banter. Okay, maybe a little.

Wordcount: Like last week, this was more of a coding nightmare week. The good news about coding in Renpy is that it is fairly easy to understand and adding voices is pretty easy. The bad news is that it is a lot of code. I mean a lot. Way too much.

Okay, so we have a hard number on the total of endings to Fates. There are ten unique endings with most of those endings having several different variants to how those endings play out. A lot of the variants are more dependent on who survives and what smaller clues you gathered.There are some pretty tough endings in that list, though not all of the bad ones are really that bad. You can still save the world even if you screw up badly, get people killed, and bungle proving who is right and who is wrong.

Voice acting: I’m happy to announce the new voice actors for Zuri and a previously unknown character named Elizabeth. Secrets, secrets…

Zuri: Lindsay Wells

Elizabeth: Stephanie Williams

Art contest update: The art contest ends in a couple of hours, so get those entries in now if you have them. I’m staying up pretty late tonight, so I’d say there is roughly 9 hrs or so to get entries in. The reason I use by the time I wake up instead of a fixed time is that my e-mail tends to randomize what time it thinks the e-mail arrived. It’s weird as heck.

We’ll announce the winners and talk about the contest next week!

Music update: The custom soundtrack is being mastered and almost finished. Fates currently has 17 different tracks for the game. Depending on how things go, we will be attempting to increase that number.

Order of Ataxia update: This is the last few days for the Order of Ataxia: Initial Effects kickstarter! While it isn’t just your old friend Chief at the writing wheel, it has some remarkable talent and an enjoyable storyline planned. If you can help, we would be appreciative.

Okay, that’s it for this week. Until next time, Chief out!

Video of the post is something that was very much related to tonight’s D&D campaign.

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