Fates Weekly Update #48

Hello, folks. Chief here with a very fuzzy, very spastic cat. He broke the rest off of my keyboard. I know I really needed to get a new keyboard that actually has all the keys and doesn’t stick, but it still had some life left in it. It’s a bit saddening to think that my old reliable keyboard has to go on to that broken bin in the sky… I just want to take a moment and honor its memory. Many good stories came from it.

Wordcount: 8,022; We are almost finally done with all of these endings. I can stop traumatizing myself with pitting them through such trials. It was a smart idea for me to leave most of the character route scenes for after the ending parts. That means I can write some cute and light scenes to balance out some of the dark stuff. As a writer, writing death and sadness can get to you after a while.

One thing the contest and a few other interactions have taught me is that Faye is the audience favorite for most adorable. I was thinking about that for a bit and wondered why Zuri didn’t rank anywhere near there. Maybe it is because of the lizard aspects, maybe it was the warrior mantra. One thing is for certain, I really want to explore more into Zuri’s day-to-day life. Though she would try to convince everyone otherwise, there really is a lot more to her than just training her body and mind to be a proper warrior. Natalie is probably the best thing for her to realize what she wants to be. And some moments that aren’t so life changing. I doubt Zuri has ever tried ice cream before. I think a nice brain-freezing moment is order.

Really in the mood to write cute slice of life for a bit…

Music update: Want to hear some of the soundtrack for Rising Angels: Fates?

Interested in getting that sneak peak? Thanks to Terranivium, you can!

Art contest update! The judging is in! Let’s take a look at our winners!

Third place was by far the hardest. There were a lot of entries that were fighting for it and it resulted in a lot of arguing among the judges. I mean, it got pretty bad there for a while. In the end, Mookie’s entry of Faye took the spot. While Faye was a common character in the contest, she’s also one of the most adorable characters in the series. The coloring was quite nice, giving the piece a very soft theme that felt quite fitting for Faye. Another thing is the stronger connection to the theme of heritage. In the end, this was the deciding factor. Faye’s heritage of basically being asleep 99% of everything that ever happens ever won the day.


Second place didn’t invoke as much fighting among the judges. Geckos’s entry jumped out to us because it was a comic. That might not seem like a big wow factor, but it was quite original and stood as an awesome idea to the judges. There’s a lot of little things that tied it to the games and some small details that impressed us. It took a moment for me to realize that the font that does look like how Natalie describe Chazari writing is actually readable and is a cute little love letter from Kika. There’s a pretty clear link to the heritage theme. Poor Kika, never knowing how to tell those around her what she really things.

First place… Notice how I talk about theme a lot in the previous two? Out of all the entries, Teresa’s entry stood above it all in that category. From bringing home strays to not getting changed before spending the day reading to not caging a bird but instead making a decorative one, there are a lot of little heritage details that stood out. The overall color scheme was soft on the eyes, the detail in the background was solid, the dog was adorable… All three of the judges were very impressed with the entry and unanimously voted it the winner of the Rising Angels Art Contest.

We had several of good entries in the contest. It was a great contest and I hope everyone had fun with it! We will be starting the writing contest in roughly two weeks.

That’s all for this week! Tune in next time for some more Rising Angels fun. Until then, Chief out!


Video of the post is related to some ideas we are tossing around for after Fates.

4 thoughts on “Fates Weekly Update #48”

  1. The lack of love for Zuri makes me sad. She was my favourite character from Reborn. I mean, Faye is cute too, but Zuri is awesome as a character. Looking forward to the exploration of Zuri as a character in Fates!

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