Fates Weekly Update #49

Hello, folks. Another short post day. D&D went really, really, really long tonight. This is the first time that we’ve technically posted after midnight on Sunday. I’m rather ashamed that I allowed myself to get so distracted and run over. If it makes any difference though, my characters got into an epic battle against a superpowered werebear drinking powerthirst and got turned into gooey paste against an arena wall. They paid for their dalliance with their lives… like some of the cast of Fates! I mean… let’s get to that update.

Wordcount: 2,358 Today’s topic: Name and Yoi: Since some of their scenes go outside of their assigned duties, extra outfits were needed. Name isn’t really the most fashionable nor does she often go out on the town. While she isn’t as much of a gamer as her sister, Name doesn’t really get out of the house much. I’d say she’s definitely more of a tomboy than Natalie; much more fond of tinkering and discovering the insides of how things work. Yoi on the other hand is a very much a social butterfly. In the visual novels alone, Yoi has flirted with pretty much every single major character. She likes to be fashionable (except when she’s on duty) and enjoys the presence of others. Though she is a bit callous at times, Yoi tries to be perceptive of the feelings of others (something she learns from her friendship with Faye in Red Rose/Hope).

During the adventures on Celestia, there are some moments after the excitement is said and done that Name gets a chance to take a night off. If you are on Yoi’s route, you get the option to accept a night on the town with the cheery half-elf. So far, it is one of the longest events I’ve written and is one of Yoi’s most important moments. Kind of funny to think that considering it is just a girl’s night out. When it comes to pre-existing canon, Name actually has two conflicting canon stories involving her romantic interests. The older canon, coming from the old novels, has Name and Anton getting together after Yoi and Anton’s relationship dissolving. The newer canon from the visual novels has a much stronger relationship between Yoi and Name, even if they bicker a bit and Yoi plays a lot of tricks on Name.

I guess that’s the magic of visual novels. I can explore the different possibilities that exist. While I do have to declare one of them canon in the end, I have to see them all before making any calls. The thing is… I’m thinking it is probably going to end up being… Faye. Faye’s just too adorable and she bonds a lot better with motherly Name. Just like most of her other relationships, I see Yoi’s bond with burning incredibly bright but quickly. Perhaps I will be wrong though. If the rest of her route is anything like this scene with Yoi doing what she does best to make Name smile after finding out the terrible news about her traitorous sister, there may be some staying power in their relation…

Enough about Name’s team, let’s show some Celestia WIP CG! There’s a lot of variations in this one, but you’ll have to wait until the release to see them all! There’s a lot of cute scenes between our investigators when those few moments arise when things aren’t exploding around them. Like a wise writer once told me, if the world doesn’t stop burning for a few moments your audience won’t have any stakes in seeing it peaceful once more.

Well, I’m on the borderline of collapse, so that’s all for this week. Stay tuned for more fun and excitement. Remember, next week will see the start of the Rising Angels Writing Contest. We thought we had a theme, but we went back to the drawing board to discuss it once more. Until then, Chief out!


Video of the post is… well, it was going to be the Powerthirst video for you new kids, but I try to keep the video o’ the post without any cursing. So, instead, you get… another D&D related video.

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  1. I can’t wait for this writing contest!

    Hey Chief, I have a question about the writing contest.
    Will it be like making a story based in the Rising Angels Universe?

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