Fates Weekly Update #50

Hey, folks. Chief here. You might have noticed that this entry came out a bit earlier in the day than usual. While it may appear that way, I’m actually in Germany at the moment and it is roughly the same time I normally write things. However, because I have been trapped in Germany for most of the week with a laptop that turned out to be terrible for getting anything done on, progress was less than expected this week. Someone else was supposed to write a guest entry, but rampaging alien robots from the future struck and they were unable to get to me. So you’re stuck with old chief this week on a keyboard that is barely better than a glorified phone keyboard.

Wordcount: 944 (Pretty pitiful amount, but it was all I was able to get done before I had to leave on Monday. I was supposed to be home by now, but that’s how things go… Most of the writing was focusing on cleaning up some problems in Act 4. Like I’ve said before, Act 4 is way too long and some late nights led to some less than stellar grammars. Lots of little spot cleanings in the script to make sure it is readable.

Also, we are going to be looking for some additional help soon to assist with the coding in of emotions and voices. If you’re interested in some easy though tedious work, please let us know at overwatch@idhasstudios.com. We’ll have a job posting up for it soon.

Writing Contest: Due to the whole Germany thing, we are delaying the start of the writing contest until next week. We’ve settled on a theme though! The writing contest theme will be “Challenges to overcome”.

Sorry for the short update, but there’s not much I can do this far away from my workstation. I didn’t even bring a camera to show how pretty Germany is (even though I’m technically working, I did manage to get out for some food). Next week has something special for you all though. Chief has been planning this one for a bit. Until then, Chief out.

For the video o’ the post, we’re dedicating a song to the days ahead of me.

One thought on “Fates Weekly Update #50”

  1. Oh wow. I just finished the first part of Red Rose and I have to say that my mind has changed about Lenna. Her character is more than meets the eye and causes you to bounce in between love and hate. I now have to say that she would have made a good addition to Rising Angels: Fates, although I still think Yoi was a good choice as well. Too bad there the poll asking about the extra character didn’t have a way of ranking them or had the options of more than one choice.
    It’s probably too late in the process to add Lenna, but I thought I should let you know that she would have made an interesting route, especially if she would have met Sol, Faye, Kika, and Yoi again.

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