Fates Weekly Update #51

Hello, folks. Chief here. Today is going to be another short update since I still haven’t managed to get home yet. I’m trying and making slow progress, but my home and Fuzzy still remain half a world away. For someone who used to travel a lot, the last couple weeks have been painful.So, the fun announcements are going to have to get pushed back another week.

Wordcount: 2300; like I mentioned last week, it is really hard to write on this keyboard, so I spent the time working on outlines for the kickstarter side story and some of the other bonus stuff. I started writing a short story about Kika been pulled into a giant mecha fighting contest, a bit as a joke really, but the idea fleshed out quite nicely. The problem is that I’m now tempted to make it a visual novel, which doesn’t exactly fit into a book of short stories very well. That’s gonna be an interesting problem to sort out…

Story contest: The Rising Angels Story Contest has been delayed one last week. This is the final delay for I shall be home and able to run a contest then.

Rising Angels: Hope: We are finishing working out the fine details with our new artist, but progress has once again resumed. The old man has not given up on seeing this story to its completion. Faye deserves to have a proper ending to her Academy days. I’m very much looking forward to getting it into your hands soon. Probably as a bundle with Fates.

Once again, too short, but good updates will be coming soon. Home is just on the horizon! Until then, Chief out.

Video o’ the post… Roll on, chief, roll on…

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