Fates Weekly Update #53

Hello, folks. Chief here on his third attempt to write this update. I ran short on time during the first attempt early in the day before going to work and must have caught something during the second half because I couldn’t focus long enough to string two coherent thoughts together. I’m still not holding together well, but a short nap at least restored enough sanity to bring you this update! Fuzzy wasn’t happy with it though. I stole his sofa to take my nap on.

Wordcount: 5,553; Split focus this week between supporting materials and getting some extra scenes at the end out of the way. I’d love to talk about how the world ends, but I can’t do that without getting spoiler-riffic. What I will share is an odd observation. When I started writing the split protagonist sections, I was a bit worried that Name and Natalie might share too many similarities in how they do things, being sisters and all. Players don’t want rehashes of choices, but I was rather surprised as things got more tense how different they were despite their shared heritage.

At the end of Reborn, there was an end where Natalie carried a lot of guilt at what she had done. Many players thought it justified, but it was something that I could never write Natalie coming to terms with. Natalie just couldn’t accept that’s how things had to go down. Very noble and honorable in her views of the world, which is why she made such a good pair with Zuri and Sol. Even if he pressured her to do it, it was always heat of the moment with him.

Name and company aren’t quite as strict when it comes to things like that. A lot of the time, the ends justify the means and they are prepared to go that extra distance of moral ambiguity. Yoi in particular never let questionable ethics stop her in the past. It’s a bit disturbing to see how much of a bad influence they can be on the proper, by-the-book Name. Still, this means we can go into the darker ends of Fates without it being forced into a bad end because the team can’t really cope with what they’ve done. It does make me wonder what sort of team people would rather have protecting the world for them: those who have high standards but put the universe at risk to uphold them or the people who aren’t afraid to get dirty to ensure everyone is safe?

The Rising Angels Writing Contest is still going on! You’ve only got a few weeks left to get those entries in, so time to get those pens going!

Almost all of Act 1’s CG are done. We did a lot of bouncing around, but the first full act is done. Hopefully the other three will be done soon. As celebration, here is a WIP piece from one of my favorite parts.

We left off last week with Sector Seven, so this week we will continue our backstory development with the rest of the Katajion Directorship sectors. While most of the higher number sectors are a bit less important than the early ones, they are still critical members in the government and hold just as much authority of their charges.

8- Space Originally one of the smallest bodies of the Katajion Defense Force, Space has rapidly came into its own during the last few directors leading it. Space has the responsibility of protecting all planetary systems, both inhabited and uninhabited, and all space stations. Like the other sectors, Space is directly responsible for making its own craft, leading to an improved time at fielding new ships into the field. Some of these ships are transferred and sold to civilians through the economic sector.

Color- Red

9- Air Like its brethren in the above sectors, Air sector is a member of Katajion Defense Force. From ground level to the outer reaches of the atmosphere, Air has complete dominance. Many directors over the years have sought the merger of the Air sector into the Space sector as Space increased in numbers and power, but the balance of power between the sectors has lead to their continued existence.

Color- Bright Pink

10- Construction From military bases to housing developments to roads, Construction ensures that buildings and stations are made to standards. Construction of things like space ships, weaponry, personal items, and non-structure items are developed by their respective sectors, leading many to think that Construction is nothing more than architects and knuckleheads with sledgehammers.

Color- Dark Green

11- Research and Development Playing both historians and scientists, Research and Development has the task of pushing into the future and understanding the past. R&D works with almost every single sector to help improve and advance the knowledge and technology used by the Katajion Directorship. Because of this central collective, the Katajion Directorship was able to gain a technological superiority over its adversaries in the early days of the war and has maintained it since.

Color- Dark Blue

12- Foreign Affairs If Sector 1’s role is to manage the directorship’s internals, Foreign Affairs job is to manage its externals. While relations with several smaller planetary bodies and the Raltin Empire is strained, there are numerous allied governments, space stations, and nomads that wish to do business, travel, and seek refuge. Foreign Affairs also assists Katajions traveling abroad.

Color- Gray

13- Education Education takes the requirements that are given to it by the other sectors and uses that to help craft the people each sector needs to fulfil its role. Education works with children from a young age to help develop and craft their specific talents and gifts to help make them better at what the directorship needs. This helps ensure that each Katajion is specialized in their roles instead of being a generalized member of society. Transfers between sectors are uncommon, Education will help to train people into new fields if they show the basic aptitude for the job.

Color- Blue

14- Public Relations The masters of spinning the worst defeats into the greatest wins, Public Relations’s role in the directorship is to ensure the flow of information reaches all branches. While their primary role is communication, they also assist in creation of propaganda materials and psychological warfare against the Directorship’s enemies.

Color- Lime Green

15- Exploration The smallest sector and the one most often forgotten about. Exploration consists of units lent from the space and ground forces to explore unknown planets and planetary systems. Unlike the sectors it often borrows from, Exploration prefers to keep out of warfare and sticks to working in neutral and allied areas. Many top Katajion researchers alternate between Sector 11 and Exploration to further their studies in xeno fields.

Color- Orange

That’s all for this week! Time for me to take another nap so I can get back to work in the morning. Until next time, Chief out!


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