Fates Weekly Update #54

Hey, folks. Chief here with your weekly update! Last weekend was a bit of a sad weekend as the D&D campaign that I play every other Saturday has come to a close. It was a fitting end for a campaign of epicness. I’m tempted to slip my character into a story later on, she was quite fun to play with. Still, we have a more pressing story with characters to write! Last week’s update had some issues, so things didn’t make it out. I’m quite sad that the combo had to come to an end. On to the update and the start of a new combo. The first update I am sad to announce is that we are looking at changing the release date. I was hoping that we would be further ahead than we are, but there are enough things behind the power curve that I have to admit that a delay is in order. Right now, we are rerunning estimations in order to get a more accurate release date. I am sorry about this and we will keep you all in the loop.

Wordcount: 3,414; Writing this week has led me to the point where I am not really sure what sort of romantic relationship Name and Anton had, are having, and could possibly have. They’ve always been good friends, even in the original work of fiction that introduced her. It was a bit of a rocky start, but it managed to grow and strength as time went on and both of them realized that they didn’t have to be right all the time (just most of it). In Anton’s Vacation, there is some slight romantic undertones between the two of them, but it ended with them showing their strong ties to each other. In the original storylines, Name acknowledged Anton as one of her few close friends and contemplated having deeper feelings for him, but it never formulated anything.

Now that we are going into Fates, the same thing is once again developing between them. The new storyline still has Name leaving the force between the previous events and breaking ties with her profession, but this time Name takes a transfer from SITO to a regular judicial detective. They end up paired together again, but this time there are no major adventures between her leaving and rejoining that would cement the bonds of their friendship. I thought by breaking these existing bonds that it would be possible to reforge their relationship to be a bit more romantic.

Turns out that it doesn’t work out the way I wanted it. That familiarity very rapidly reestablished itself between them, but the spark of romance just won’t ignite. They feel very much like siblings instead of lovers when I attempt to write romantic scenes between them. Anton might be the friend she’ll call at 2AM when she just needs someone to vent to about her terrible day, but he’s not the type to sweep her off her feet. I could force it between them, but it just never feels right. I think I am going to keep them as close friends in Fates. Maybe someday that spark will ignite between them, maybe they just need more time, or maybe the investigative duo are simply meant to be best friends through the nightmares they live in.

Writing contest: There is only five days left in the writing contest! Get those entries in soon!

CG update: We are almost done with the CG in Act 3! Act 3 is one of the most interesting when it comes to illustrations because a lot of the big mystery reveals are in 3 and they’ve got a lot of fun scenes tied to them. There’s also Natalie’s birthday in there, which has a fair number of cute moments between them.

Rising Angels: Hope: We are back on-track after finalizing the details with the new artist! We should have some new art to show you in the upcoming weeks!

Once again, I am sorry for the delay. Once I hear back on some of the delaying problems, I should be able to give everyone a better update on how much longer you will have to wait. Until next week, Chief out.


Video o’ the post this week is a song that’s been on my mind lately. Epic video the first time I saw it.

4 thoughts on “Fates Weekly Update #54”

  1. like they say better a good finished product that will be remembered than a bad one being forgotten for ever. also will Fates be on sale on steam?

  2. Sorry to hear about the delay, but I can assure you that it won’t temper my interest.
    Will you be introducing a new love interest for Name since Anton is no longer a possibility, or will you keep the current status quo?

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