Fates Weekly Update #55

Hello, folks. I managed to do something that I so rarely get to do and managed to watch an anime series. Not just one, but two! A fair number of people have told me that I needed to watch Gate. I think it was once referenced to me as Komi’s Magical Adventure. While I wasn’t much of a fan of the last half of it when it went full anime and forgot it was a military expedition into a fantasy world, it was still an awesome show. It was then followed up by Aldnoah.Zero. It was nice getting a few moments of stress relief and getting some fun ideas for side stories. Makes me eager to finish up and let Natalie rest while another batch of heroes takes on some mech fun.

Wordcount: One ending left. One ending left and we will be completely done with the core, which means we can be completely done with the voice acting not too long after it. While there is still a fair bit of investigation and route scenes to write, having the first major milestone completed towards release is a major boon to morale. The last ending is a much happier one than the rest. There’s something peaceful being able to write the ending where the heroes succeed with a clean slate over endings where they carry mental and emotional scars for the rest of their lives, assuming they live.

Writing contest entries: The writing contest has come to a close! We only had three entries, so everyone who entered takes home a prize. I was a bit worried that we weren’t going to have enough entries, but we had a last minute entry that saved the day.

Third place:

Matthew Oosthuizen

Third place took the first place for cute endings. I’ve always been fond of a Yoi/Faye romance, even if I don’t think it would have worked out for long. It was a nice entry that encompassed a lot of the themes that the original Rising Angels story aimed to tell. While not long, it does tell a good story that we enjoyed. It might have overtaken second, but it suffered from one major problem in the four categories. There were a lot of grammatical mistakes that detracted from the reading. The biggest one is the super paragraphs. While most of you don’t remember the days when I was Chief Editor instead of just Chief, but there was one thing that always bugged me and it was super paragraphs. Improper grammar can hamper a good story, and when the race is incredibly close, it can influence the voting just enough.

Second place:


First off, I have to say that this entry has my favorite character. While the other judges put that in check, I personally have to give a standing ovation to an entry that includes Chief as one of the lead actors. I mean, he is just so handsome and dashing. Overall, it was a fairly well written story with few grammatical mistakes and a nice focus. One of the things that docked points, however, was that it was fairly short. Now I am a man who likes a story to be concise. What bugged me was that there was a fair bit of build-up, but the climax of the story was very fast and a bit unfulfilling. Nevertheless, it was a solid story that is deserving of second place.

First place:

R Zomberez

If you can remind me of characters that I forgot existed, I’ve got to give a point. Including Headmaster Tyclue and a few other characters there were only in the demo of Rising Angels: The Red Rose completely caught me off-guard. I quite enjoyed the adventure of Aria as she paralleled the adventures of Faye in the original story. There was a lot of adventure that spanned the story of RA and it exemplified the theme of the contest at almost every turn. All in all, the story was enjoyable even if it messed up some canon points (Syl will never say more than three words, but that isn’t actually established in the VN continuity). The biggest weakness that put its hold on first in jeopardy though was the one that caught third place. Grammar, grammar, grammar. You can have a fun story, but if your grammar is weak, it throws the reader out of your world and into one of annoyance. If there was one takeaway from this contest for everyone, it would be to always take some time with that old pesky man of syntax.

It was a fun contest and I had a blast reading the entries. While all of us were a bit disappointed in the lack of entries, the ones we received were awesome and a blast to read. With the art and writing contests down, the only thing remaining is the raffle. We’ll be preparing that one closer to the time of release.

That’s all for this week. Stay tuned for more updates next week! Until then, Chief out.

Video o’ the post was an easy one. I’ve been jamming to this all week.

4 thoughts on “Fates Weekly Update #55”

  1. Oh my god, Oh my god! This is the Best day of my Life! XD
    Thanks Chief, for giving us the chance to tell our Rising Angels stories!
    This was a really fun contest that I enjoyed to the fullest as I was working hard writing my story.

    I’m highly surprised that there were only 3 entries.
    Oh well, I’m so glad you and your team enjoyed the entries stories!

  2. I was considering writing and sending in a story, but life unfortunately got in the way. Congratulations to those who sent a story in and well done to the winner!

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