Fates Weekly Update #56

Hello, folks. Chief here reporting from the other side of the world. Or the same side of the world, depending on where you live. There’s nothing quite like traveling the world by working 24 hrs straight. I know it is good life experience that help inspire writing, but some days I could use a little more rest and a little less life inspiration.

Wordcount: With the core of the story done, work has been focused on the investigation sections. The investigations might be my favorite part of the game. While the core of the story is the overarching line that ties everything together and the character route scenes are those sprinkles that tie the bonds of the characters together, the investigations are where a lot of the smaller stories of the Rising Angels series come together. Now, some of the items are simple present the object to the person like Phoenix Wright. I won’t lie, I am the type of person who plays PW and presents EVERY SINGLE ITEM to EVERY SINGLE PERSON to see if it gets some sort of reaction out of them. That is one thing that will carry itself over into Fates.

The other big thing that makes me so excited about the investigation sections is being able to present clues or stories you heard to characters. Knowing who to talk to about what topic will let you see a lot of the smaller stories that take place in this universe. Most characters have their own side stories that you can flesh out and experience. One of my favorites, and one I’ve been dying to tell for a while, is the story of Syl and her brother/family. You can start with the story clue of Syl trying to give a brief moment of comfort to Name about pursuing her sister. You can just take her sympathy and let it end there or you can question around to gather clues and figure out what happened those many years ago. However, not all stories have happy endings and not everyone appreciates you digging through their past or pushing things they don’t like. Push too hard and routes and stories will disappear before your eyes. Push too light and events will never come to light. The life of an investigator is never easy.

Well, I have to end this early as they are calling me back to continue our trip around the world. Never a break for the weary. Until next time, Chief out.

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3 thoughts on “Fates Weekly Update #56”

  1. I really can’t wait to get my hands on this game!!! I love those Ace attorney games! I always present evidence for every statement when I have no clue what to do next!

    Needless to say, I get tons of penalties in the process of doing that….. and game overs…. and shame…… I’m gonna shut up now…..

  2. have a safe and fun trip CHIEF, and also have some rest wile your add it. 24 hour work that is to damm long, Respect for you

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