Fates Weekly Update #59

Hello, folks. Did you know 4 AM was a real thing? I keep managing to suppress my memory of it, but it somehow manages to infiltrate my life again. I’m pretty sure right now the only way we can properly ensure that it never forces me out of bed on the weekend to work is to destroy the sun. This may seem like a rather drastic solution, but I have come to the conclusion that it is the most efficient. Because of the work required to implement this strategy, I am going to be writing a fairly light post tonight. It’s not because I have to work super early all weekend, I promise you.

Writing: Not a lot of writing was done this week, sadly. It was overall a pretty quiet week on all fronts. Most of it was devoted to cleaning up the Zuri romance scenes and fixing minor grammatical mistakes. As it turns out, if you are half-asleep, you tend to make a lot of minor mistakes. Back in the day, I used to keep an error tracker to help me determine where and when I was making the most mistakes while writing. The data wasn’t that surprising. Being asleep causes some drastic downgrades to your ability to process coherent sentences. Even now I suspect I am making mistakes and doubt my ability to catch them. The flip side though is that being tired tends to help me increase the amount of writing I am able to put out. I can write creatively a lot faster when the thoughts aren’t being muddled by doubt and questioning. When you have a plan and let it run, amazing things can happen. You then just have to waste a lot more time fixing that torrent. Which is better to do is a matter of personal preference.

A bit on and off topic, but sleep is something that does play a small factor into Fates. While we all remember cute little Faye’s desire to sleep away 99% of the day, being well rested and focused is something that is critical to an investigator. When you’re worried about the world though, it does tend to slip away from you. I feel a bit bad for Natalie, who loses about as much sleep as I do. One scene in Sol’s route even tells a story of how losing that edge to weariness can get to you. Out of Natalie’s team, Sol is the one person who is most observant of those around him and the person most likely to vocalize when he sees weakness. Real life slipping into fiction…

I want to give a special thanks to everyone who showed up for the rambling and writing stream that we had last week. It was a lot of fun, even if things got really wacky there for a while. We are planning on doing it again tomorrow, though I will be tired from working all day and I’m not sure how wacky things are going to be this time around.

That’s all for today. I need to get a bit of rest before the day begins anew. Until next time, Chief out.

Video of the post is something that you old internet foggies might remember.

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