Order of Ataxia: Initial Effects Monthly Update #2

Hello, folks. It’s that time of the month again. Are you ready for some Order of Ataxia updates? I’m ready for some updates!

Backerkit: There was a fair bit of trouble with my understanding and operation of it. The best news though is that it has been resolved. Surveys have been sent out to all backers and you should be able to update and change things as you go along.

Writing: As we’ve continued our cooperative writing, Fuzai and I have had a bit of an argument on which character is out favorite and whose route is the best. Normally I don’t like getting into debates with other team members about favorites, but as we are both the writer, it helps us identify weaknesses in the routes and things we can do to make them better. I personally think Fallore’s might be my personal favorite. Her relationship with Charles as his uncaring caretaker makes me laugh a lot. I was originally worried that she was going to be a one-trick pony, but it turns out that gods have a lot of little tricks about them and Fallore can play more games than just beat Chuckie-boy with a stick.

Voice Acting: We have a cast list!

Charles- CrypticGhost

Fallore- Mel Gorsha

Beta- Christina Trouten

Sophia- Holly Lindin

Raiyne- Rachael Messer

The voice work has been amazing. For those of you who have been with IDHAS for a while, it isn’t a secret that I am always very leery when it comes to voice acting. I always worry about if it is a smart investment. It was a wonderful thing for Order of Ataxia. We’re planning on fixing up the demo so that everyone can hear the awesome voices as well.

For those of you who are interested in being voice actors, we are planning on casting again soon for some of the minor characters who appear in the script as well. The majority of those roles are female, but there will be at least one more male character in the script.

Backgrounds: We are almost 50% through the background list! There are a fair number of variants for several backgrounds as we have a variety of times and weather of settings that alter some of our outdoor scenes. There are still a bunch that need to be done, including the suffering markets of Aidis and the treasury of Castle Aidis that Sophia swears is completely full of gold and there is nothing wrong going on. Trust her, it is fine. No need to look behind the curtain! Here’s one of the most prosperous places in the city, the elven camps that have sprung up outside the walls of the city.

Happiest place in Aidis!
Happiest place in Aidis!

Illustrations: Right now we are at 17 CG done or in the advanced sketching stage. I don’t have a fixed number on how many more await because I am notorious for adding CG up until the last possible moment. I’m a sucker for pretty art and I love my CG in games. It’s also the bread and butter of a fanservice heavy game and I want to make sure that all readers have a great time with Order of Ataxia. It’s a balancing act of fanservice and plot. I know that might sound silly coming from a developer whose characters are wearing highly revealing outfits, but I refuse to let it carry the entire game. Of course, that’s not to say it isn’t carrying its duty out…

The finished version of last update's showing
The finished version of last update’s showing


Wouldn't be a game if the mage didn't break out the vines!
Wouldn’t be a game if the mage didn’t break out the vines!

Dakimakura: Production has started and we should be receiving them not too long in the future, so we should have some hard copies to show soon.

That’s all for this update. Based on how things are going now, I am hoping we are going to be at release time by this time next month. Production has been remarkably strong and we’ve made a lot of progress in such a short period of time. I want to thank everyone for their supporting of this project. We’re getting closer by the day to the reality of its release. Until next time, Chief out!

Two video of the posts in a single week… uhhhhhh… what have I been listening to this week? Well…

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