Fates Weekly Update #60

Hello, folks. It’s that time of the week again! Not D&D time of the week though. Overwhelmingly disappointed about that. They are the only people who get large blocks of my time scheduled out twice a month. It’s really complicated to balance everything out, but I love those guys so I always try my best. Sigh… I take some inspiration from my campaigns, so it creeps into the story slightly when sad Chief has to write sad scenes. Maybe in a couple weeks… But for now we have some updates.

Writing: Okay, first thing I need to do is address some questions I was indirectly given. Now, Zuri and Natalie are the established free route and the canon route. There’s no possible way that this could ever change. Even with the addition of Kika route in the Steam version of Reborn and the fact that the Sol romance has been lingering on the outskirts since the beginning, Natalie and Zuri are my established route. Her other routes are also very clearly defined as well. Akurel has a very odd relationship with both Zuri and Natalie, Alexi has a mix of friendship and playful romance, Sol’s is the romance the jump of friends to lovers, and Kika has the continuation of her previous story. Name and her team, however, weren’t as clearly defined and it has confused some of the audience.

The original plan had the free/canon route being Name and Anton. This had three major problems from the start. The first one was that a primarily yuri audience was not happy with the route being a male love interest. I might not always agree with the audience, but I do listen. If there are internal reasons to agree with external reasons, I am more likely to take action. In this case, there was two. The second reason was that established canon is… ambiguous. In the traditional writing, it is established that there is a heavy romance with leaning towards romance. Nobody ever says anything, but there are some subtext. The problem is that Yoi and Anton had a terrible romance and have a weird relationship and Syl has an established romance at the end of the episodes of Anton’s Vacation that never made it out. The third and final reason is that… they just don’t have that spark. They’re friends with some romantic overtones. Attempts to force them together just don’t feel right.

So where does that leave us. Syl’s route is not a guaranteed route and there’s no romantic feelings between them. Anton is the best friend who is there to support her through the tough times. Eve won’t be in the original release, so that isn’t possible. The two competitors are Yoi and Faye. While Faye has some established crushes in the past, Name and Faye really do hit it off well. Name is veeeeeery protective of her sick wolf. The other option is Yoi, who is a terrible flirt but has loved and flirted heavily with Name. Even though they fight, Name does care about her bodyguard and they make a cute couple as both try to discover their place in the universe.

Right now, Faye is going to be the free/canon route. However, I will listen to the audience. Yoi or Faye, who deserves the canoncy?

Backgrounds: The backgrounds are almost done! There’s only two backgrounds left before this part of the art chapter is brought to a close. I’m pretty excited because once the backgrounds are completed, the only art that remains is the little icons for the investigation sections and the CG. Since the CG will keep going until the end, the only art section left to complete is the icons. Very stoked about that. Two backgrounds and a bunch of little icons is really nothing.

Rising Angels: Hope: Great news on this front! All of the sprites for the new remake are all done. While the cast is a bit smaller than the original, as we had to cut some of the minor characters who didn’t have many lines, almost all of the original leads are still here. In a matter of a month and a half, we’ve made more progress on this than we did in six months. Very happy with how things are going. With what little spare time I have, I have been tinkering with a possible time management gameplay engine where you take Faye and have her try to keep the rest of the team studying to get them to pass. It is an experimental idea, but we’ll see in future updates where it takes us.

I think that’s all for today. Remember to send in your votes on who you would like to take that canon route. Until next week, Chief out!


Video of the post is whatever happens when I get in some tough weeks. Gotta rock out!

6 thoughts on “Fates Weekly Update #60”

  1. Hmmm…
    Name and Yoi? That ideal would of never crossed my mind! Their personalities are so opposite from one another. One is strict and serious about work while the other is hyperactive and careless about work. But that difference could make some huge romantic openings

    Name and Syl….. I just don’t see that happening! Last time I checked, Those two really hated each other! That’s like trying to hook a Lion up with a Hyena. It’s not gonna happen!

    Name and Anton, I always thought those two would make a good couple. But Anton is more of a friend than anything else, So I guess he’s stuck in the friend zone!

    Name and Faye, I could actually see them hitting it off! Especially since Faye knows and worked under Natalie. I find it funny how Yoi went from being Faye’s love interest into becoming Faye’s love rival.

    I wanna vote for Yoi since she’s one of my favorite characters but…. I vote for Faye to have the canon romance, I think it’s about time for the cute lupide to find love and not have to worry about being rejected because of trust issues… Then again Yoi was also rejected….

    Before I change my mind, I vote for Faye!

  2. I feel yoi is the right choice on this one. Not trying to sound super evil but i find it interesting in fayes character how she has this lone wolf not knowing exactly were she wants to go personality and i feel giving her to name takes away some of that charm, also with Sol being so nurturing to her I like the idea where she doesnt know who to run to; that tension i find quite romantic.

    Yoi on the other hand I feel really fits well with name they both have a more steady personality and the idea of them butting heads a little while easing into a romance sounds really cute

  3. I cast my vote for Yoi. Yoi was one of my favourite characters from The Red Rose and watching her get rejected so often like that was bad. Can Yoi have one happy relationship, please? Just the one.

  4. I vote for Faye. It has been awhile since I have seen my favourite character. I loved her in Red Rose and I want to see more of her. I want to see her happy.

  5. I vote for Yoi. I could see Name and Yoi totally hitting it off. They are opposites and that’s another reason why I think they would be great together.

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