Fates Weekly Update #61

Hello, folks. Sorry for last week. I don’t often get to take full holidays off, so I decided to take advantage of it. One of the few homecooked meals I’ve had in years! Most Thanksgivings I’m out on the road for my job or unable to leave the local area to go visit family. This is the first time in 7 years I’ve been with family for Thanksgiving. I hope my United States readers were able to have a good holiday as well. Sadly (or thankfully for you readers), my vacation for Christmas got cancelled, so I will be here with you all per usual for the rest of the year.

Katajion Defense Force team has had their route decided. As was talked about earlier, we decided to change up the canon route since it was decided that Anton/Name wasn’t going to be a romantic route. The votes are in and the new canon route for Name Puccile is… Yoi. It was one of the rare moments where there was a heavy enough vote in one direction that I didn’t have to intercede. I know there will be a fair bit of disappointment in Faye losing that spot, but her route will still be there in the commercial version. Faye isn’t going anywhere… Assuming you’re doing it right.

Writing: One of the things mentioned a lot is the interest in the personality differences between Yoi and Name. There’s a lot of them out there. The most obvious one is the difference in work ethic. If she isn’t on a mission, Yoi is probably the biggest slacker in the RA series. Showing up for work? If she can get out of bed on-time. Writing reports? Reports are boring, but she totally filed them… didn’t you get it? Must be some sort of lag in the network. If it isn’t fun or her primary job of putting the bullet in the bad men, Yoi might not get around to doing it. When compared to the very orderly Name, who would rather break time and space than miss a deadline, there’s some conflict. Working with Yoi drives Name crazy.

But for all of their differences in work philosophy, I’d have to say that Yoi and Name share a lot more than Faye and Name do. The first and most obvious is their shared history. Since she took her first assignment, they’ve been together. Just like Syl was Anton’s bodyguard and shooter, Yoi is Name’s. Makes you wonder whose Natalie’s is… The second one is their childhood of being shunted out of the limelight. Name had to grow up under her big sister Natalie’s shadow. Even though she loves her, Name has always wanted to make that step up and be recognized as the greater of the two. Being a half-elf meant that Yoi grew up as a shame on her society. Always shunted, always mocked, Yoi tried to not let it get to her. Being a social butterfly, however, Yoi ended up hiding a lot of pain and distress behind her laughter and smiles. By taking dangerous and unusual assignments, she tried to make people respect her… or be remembered in death for being a true ranger.

Which I guess brings us to their biggest similarity that ties them together. Both of them want someone who they know always has their back. With the exception of Faye, Yoi never really had anyone she felt she could open her heart up to. Name led a fairly reclusive life and most people ended up keeping their distance from the often brash hermit. Both had their masks to hide from the isolation and disappointment in their lots. That’s why I’m quite fond of their route together as they force themselves through this turbulent investigation. They might have a lot of superficial differences when it comes to keeping the office tidy or that Bubbles is much cuter than Name’s fat cat, but they are close friends where it counts.

IDHAS Studios is planning on hiring a second writer to help get things done a little bit faster. The second writer is going to assist with some of the investigation scenes and a character route. We are currently running the numbers on the budget to see what we can support. Details will be posted up on the studio website and Lemmasoft Forums this week.

Bit of a short week, but I’m now trying to cope with the fact that both protagonists are blonde and both canon love interests have green hair. Rather unintentional. Anyway, until next time, Chief out!

This week’s video of the post is one I’ve been meaning to share for a while.

4 thoughts on “Fates Weekly Update #61”

  1. Congratulations Yoi!
    Sorry Faye, Better luck next time!

    By the way, Chief
    Is there a requirement we have to meet in order to become the assistant writer?
    I’d like to help you and everyone at the studio in anyway possible!

    1. We’re still drafting the offer since we don’t often hire writers, but right now it is looking like the only hard requirements are going to be meeting deadlines, having skype to communicate with me on a regular basis, and read the RA series so there isn’t as much that I have to bring up to speed for the universe. Preferences will focus heavily on experience with writing visual novels, solid grasp of English, and knowledge of the universe as a whole. I don’t expect too many people to have that last one as the people with in-depth knowledge of Anton’s stories are remarkably small. We’ve been talking about re-releasing the early works again because of that.

      1. I understand. I have a strong solid grasp of English and I’m pretty confident that I have a vast amount of knowledge of the universe of RA. The one thing I regrettably lack is that I’ve never made a visual novel before, Meaning I have no experience in writing an actual visual novel. But I do have experience in writing stories and short novels.

        Lastly, I also think it would be a good Idea to re-release your earlier works. That would give new commoners a chance to learn more about the RA universe and such. I’d only be against the re-release if it hinders or interferes with your already busy schedule

  2. Chief, I was wondering if it would be possible to put both Yoi & Faye in? I do like Yoi, I think she is a wonderfully developed character with great features and everything, but personally, Faye just speaks more to me. In an email I once sent, I was told that the face of Rising Angels is Faye Moonfallow, the sleepy lupide, and personally, she is my favourite character, and I want her to have a chance.

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