Order of Ataxia: Initial Effects Monthly Update #3

Hello, folks. Chief here today after slipping off to see the new Star Wars movie. This has been a record year for me actually getting out to see movies in the theaters with a whopping two movies! It is a pretty good inspiration, honestly. I’m thinking that Fallore really needs a lightsaber now. Not because she can use the force or is a talented swordswoman, but because it would make Charles jealous and that alone would be worth it to her. Fallore Skywalker: Goddess of the Force. Sounds like a possible sequel to this… but it is too early to think of that when we have updates to give!

Release date: So the original intent was to get everything out by mid-late this month. As we are pretty much sitting on that date, it is safe to assume that we are not going to be able to release on-time. I apologize for this as there have been some small hiccups that have breed a few delays. Good news is that they aren’t major delays and we are still moving somewhat close to a regular schedule. Most of the pieces of the puzzle are done and most of what awaits us is getting it put all together. I don’t like delays, even small ones like this, but they happen and we are pushing everything as hard as we can to get completed. Our new forecast is mid-January, so this should hopefully be the last monthly update you see before the release.

Writing: Poor Fuzai has been suffering from life for the past month, so the old man had to step in to help get things back on track. That means the last month was focused on editing and coding. We’ve been fleshing out some of the new tricks we’ve learned in Renpy to make the transitions and GUI a bit smoother. What does this mean to you? Hopefully not a lot. Programming is one of those things that is so rarely noticed when it is done well. The editing, however, should be a lot more noticeable. That late night writing, while often highly creative and interesting, does not always translate as readable when the morning comes around. With the writing almost finished up and the editing mostly done, we are about ready to call the writing section of this visual novel completed.

Characters: Thanks to the generous support from our backers, we were able to add a couple of extra characters to the game. It was almost perfect that each character’s description lent themselves well to a particular character. Since there were three backer characters for four routes, we decided to also bring in an RP character of mine to round out the support cast. Though these are just sketches and we are still working on getting the exact details down, here’s some of the new folks joining the cast.


Additional voice acting auditions will be going live soon. With these extra backer characters and a couple of characters who weren’t voiced before, we will be reopening the voice acting auditions for the minor characters starting tomorrow. The roles are fairly small with a limited number lines, but it is another opportunity for those actors who want to help give life to the story. Stay tuned for the audition information dropping tomorrow here.

CG: We are on the last set of CG for the game! I’m quite happy with how they are turning out, hopefully you will be as well! As for this one… Like the fire elemental, you get this one completely out of context…

Just a couple more weeks and Order of Ataxia: Initial Effects should be in your hands! Not quite a Christmas present, but something to offset those post-holiday days.


For the video of the post, let’s celebrate some Star Wars.

3 thoughts on “Order of Ataxia: Initial Effects Monthly Update #3”

  1. Will this game be costly ? It lookseems awesome, and I can’t wait. If it does cost, please tell me, so u can set it aside. (The money) it looks from in great, though a lot more suggestive than reborn, which is the only game I’ve played from you

    1. The game will be $10. It is a lot more suggestive than anything else we’ve done, which is something we wanted. We wanted to try doing a ecchi game for once. Fates, however, isn’t really suggestive at all. Except for Yoi and Alexi’s routes, and that’s just because of the type of people they are.

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