Fates Weekly Update #63

Hello, folks. I’d break out in holiday songs, but I am still federally banned from any form of singing. Apparently it is a crime against nature when I sing. I’m a bit offended, really. It just isn’t the same without going around sing carols and having people pay me to stop. So, instead, we will start off today with a special drawing done by Fates’s CG artist, Tscbr!

Fates Weekly Updates have been moved to Sunday! Due to a lot of scheduling conflicts, it was getting a lot harder to get them done in a reasonable time, so we planned to move them to Sunday. It was supposed to happen at the start of the year, but we came to the conclusion that there was no point in waiting.

Writing: Do you know there will be a time in the future when Rising Angels: Fates will be complete with the writing? Reflecting on the endings brought that up with me. When you’ve been writing the same story for over a year, you start thinking that there is never going to be an end to it. Visual novels are long and it is a lot of time spent seeing the same characters, the same story. Drives you a bit batty after a while. It’s like a never-ending tunnel that goes on and on forever, even though the light gradually gets brighter.

Why am I talking about this sort of madness? Because we’ve been considering where the story is going to go after we conclude Fates. My original intent was to completely wrap up Natalie’s story and retire her as a character. People deserve to relax after saving the world after all. Don’t want to be Han Solo, the 70-year-old smuggler. The problem is… there are two endings in Fates that don’t nicely wrap up the story. The first one is a smaller ending on one of the severely tragic routes. There’s no clean ending there and it leaves itself open for more Natalie adventures in a pretty dark and grizzly setting. It’s fun designing a true criminal underworld in the RA universe. The other ending… is the true ending. As I was writing out the last little bits, I had a sudden moment of pure and shining inspiration. I mean it was amazing, lit the whole apartment up like a spotlight. It tied a lot of loose ends and weaker plot elements into a grand finale. The problem is… it screams sequel.

What does this mean? The Rising Angels series is unlikely to end with the conclusion of Fates. I don’t know if the tunnel just got longer or brighter, but I don’t like letting things end with loose ends. As the art assets start to wrap up, we will begin drawings on the next adventure to come. As for the writing, we will be here on that march towards Natalie saving the world from an ancient superweapon and Name saving the world from Natalie.

Rising Angels: Hope: Okay, we are making the official announcement! Rising Angels: Hope will be making its release in early February for backers and donators! Everyone else will get it shortly after. We discussed it a long time, but we are 100% committed to releasing it for free. That’s right, you can get the completely revamped and redone adventures of Faye Moonfallow without paying a penny. Quite exciting!

Discussion: There has been a proposed idea in the studio. With all elements of Fates Act 1 almost coming together finally, the idea was floated that we could release each act of Fates’s 4 acts separately, 1 every 1.5-2 months. Each act would be roughly a couple hours per route. With Steam, we could do it with relative ease with updates.


-Fates in your hands faster

-Smaller pieces for those of you like me who can’t sink a lot of time into games in any one sitting (until it was fully released; then you’d have to marathon it)


-There’d be stops for those of you who want to marathon

-It would be that nasty e-word.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on it. Would you like to see a staggered release for Fates so you have fun yuri adventures during the drought or would you like us to keep holding on to all the cards until we have a full release?

That’s all for this week. Once again, I hope you all are having fun and exciting holidays! Until next time, Chief out!


Video o’ the post needs to be something festive!

7 thoughts on “Fates Weekly Update #63”

  1. In my opinion, that idea to stagger the release of Fates’ acts is both terrible and great.
    I’d like to have the game, or ANY BITS of the game, faster. However! I myself am a fan of marathons in gaming, and while seeing more of the Rising Angels series faster does sound exciting, I would prefer to have it in one piece. Even if it takes a long time.
    Do what you will with my input. Just don’t cancel the game. That one’s not allowed.

  2. Merry Late Christmas Chief and everyone at the studio!
    That picture of Name and Natalie is so cute/sexy! I’d expect Natalie to wear something as sexy as that outfit but I never thought I’d see Name in such a sexy outfit. Now that’s a wonderful treat! Thank you, Tscbr!

    Rising Angels: Hope will be free? AWESOME!! Thank you guys! XD

    And I’m not sure about everyone else but I’d rather wait till the game is fully finished. Then marathon on that sweet action packed yuri story!

    Also if there is a sequel after RA: Fates, I’d be happy to donate to that cause!

  3. So i remember playing Rising angels reborn near the beginning of the summer and falling in love with it. I saw the growth of each character and enjoyed learning about the hidden horrible past between Sol and Faye which only got me more excited for The Red Rose and now i can’t wait for the second part of that. and to answer your question i believe that a the wait between acts only makes Natalie’s story more impactful on the audience just because cliffhangers and time to think over the story allows you to be taken aback when the story goes in the opposite direction in the case that you have gone down a different route. XD so a vote for the 1.5-2 month wait between acts

  4. I personally prefer the marathon route. It gets annoying when you start something, but accidentally start something else, and now you have to get both done eventually, but by now the stories are tied together though some weird fantasy.

  5. That’s nat? Welp. and, while I would like parts coming out early it would be kinda bittersweet to me. I like to marathon games, either way, goidluck! Hope you get that much past your goal

  6. I was kind of late to this series, and stated with Reborn, but love it. I love how you can have yuri or not. I didn’t even realize it was yuri until I was playing. Bonus with the strong female leads! I love this series. I just wish I could get updates by email. If you get things out in February, it would be great for me as that’s my bday and I’d probably give myself a gaming day to get through this.

  7. I would prefer the marathon route that way I have to wait a bit longer but I don’t have to have that “whats going to happen next” thought every time something new comes out and if you are still creating stuff then maybe you realize oh crap i can add anything that i want because we already released the previous episode and this wont tie in/make any sense now.

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