Fates Weekly Update #64

Hello, folks! I have a quick question for you. Why are you reading this instead of watching Awesome Games Done Quick? We’ll be here when you get back, they will be… “quickly” gone. Speed running for charity is awesome and I swear that I am not being distracted by the Mario 64 run. Promise. Of course, it was a boring week with everyone taking off to spend time with their family and/or the bottle, so there’s not much to talk about this week.

Writing: Prepping for the release of Rising Angels: Hope has been a bit of a flashback, seeing characters who have otherwise drifted away from the series. After Hope, Iotor drifts out of the story and I don’t see him making a return in the series again. It’s a bit sad since there really are no family guys in the series with his departure. Parents in general, now that I think about it. In Hope, there is a fair mix of older (relatively) and younger major characters. It ranges pretty wide with the youngest of the cast being Yoi having just turned seventeen and Iotor being nearly thirty. It’s not a drastic swing of ages when you consider the world, but it is a fairly wide berth for a visual novel, where the average age is 16-18. Reborn/Fates doesn’t really have that same width with the youngest character being Yoi again at the age of twenty and the oldest being Syl at the age of twenty-nine. The majority of the characters are 23-25 however.

The reason I am thinking about this is because of how characters grow and evolve over those years. Writing young Yoi is pretty different than writing older Yoi. It is a challenge to keep their differences separate sometimes. Young Yoi is a lot more callous, more ready to be stab people in the back to get what she wants. Older Yoi is still fairly greed and manipulative, but her experiences with Faye and Anton over time has toned it down and she uses those powers for her friends instead of her own whims. Sol is another character who is growing over time. Young Sol hates all non-humans and will willingly sabotage them to get them out of his sight. Poor Faye suffers under his reign. Older Sol has been tampered by his forced experiences with non-humans and tries to put personal grudges aside for the greater accomplishment of his mission. He even has a few non-human friends and is slowly accepting his changing world.

Then there is Faye, our former protagonist. Faye… really hasn’t changed over the years. It’s almost amusing how fixed she is in her naivety. She starts to open her eyes to the world outside her world in Hope and then goes back to living alone in the wilderness. It made it easy to write her in Reborn. As for Fates… maybe being on death’s doorstep might help her learn more about herself. Either way, she is still our adorable mascot character whom we love. Even if she is young and naive, it is nice going back to see her again. I hope everyone else will enjoy it as well soon.

Release plan question from last update: When I post a question to the audience, it is almost always split across the board. Almost like clockwork really. Last week, we asked if people would like to see a splintered release as opposed to a longer release. That streak of split votes has been utterly demolished with a near unanimous vote against staggered. There was some concern about releasing an episode and then not being able to change things, but we’ve already finalized the core and had it voice acted, so we are pretty set as it is. That being said, we are going to step back and re-evaluate that idea. Hard to argue when everyone finally agrees for once.

That’s all for this week. Like I said, not much to talk about this week. Now go support charity! Until next time, Chief out!


For our video of the post, let’s continue our celebration of video games with some awesome music!

2 thoughts on “Fates Weekly Update #64”

  1. I always thought Mana Lauper was the youngest in the series since she was 16 in Red Rose and Yoi was 17. Oh right, Mana and Jade has been updated in Hope. That explains it!

    And I’ll support whatever decision you guys make with how you release Fates, You got my money on day one!

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