Fates Weekly Update #69

Hello, folks! We are back running at something resembling operational here at the new place, so we can finally get back to doing our weekly updates. I’d love to say that amazing amounts of writing were done over the past few missing sessions, but we discovered something important over the course of this trip. If you don’t have a desk or any furniture at all, it is really hard to setup a computer to work. Really hard. Progress that was made was hard fought to acquire, but there wasn’t a lot of it. Most of what was made was either in cleaning up Rising Angels: Hope or upgrading some minor annoyances in the presenting parts of the game. Sorry, folks. It took longer to get full operational again than originally estimated. Good news is that things are done and we should be back up at full speed.

The Steam release will be out next week for Rising Angels: Hope! The adventures of Faye Moonfallow as she attempts to survive the Katajion Space Academy on Earth!

Sorry, everyone for the subpar update. Stay tuned next week when work starts up again! Until next time, Chief out!


This week’s video o’ the week is an old classic that I first heard from a good friend and just recently stumbled upon again.

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