New Hope Episodes

Hello, folks! Starting today, we’re starting a special bonus mini-series for Rising Angels: Hope! It’ll be roughly 5 episodes long and will be the length of the existing game. That’s right, we’re going to be doubling the game’s length over the next couple months and it will be completely 100% free! The first episode starts with our young cadet as Yoi comes to her with a sports team in peril…

The second episode will release on December 19th. I’m not 100% sure on the third episode’s date as the holiday season keeps things moving slowly. Further updates will be announced once the second episode comes out.

In addition to that, we’ve some minor behind the scenes changes to the coding in order to improve things, fix a couple of odd bugs, and add new poses for our main characters!

I have a Fates update coming that I’ve rewritten quite literally 26 different times as well as an update on physical merch for Order of Ataxia. Things keep drastically altering what the announcements contain, so I’m hoping to finally have something definitive to announce soon. I also have a plan to start doing regular announcements again once my life stabilizes a bit and my future isn’t in constant peril.

I haven’t done a video of the post in such a long time…

3 thoughts on “New Hope Episodes”

  1. Yaay 😀

    I don’t know how I missed this post, I keep coming back to your homepage like every month, just saw the update on Steam and I had to check here :3

    Are the episodes from the end of Hope or inserted somewhere in between the current gameplay?

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