Allegiance Update (a month or so late in posting…)

(This update was posted in late February but didn’t seem to actually post here. Sorry about that. Enjoy February news! More updated news will be coming soon; I’m trying to write it up now.)

Hello, folks! I hope you are all doing better than myself with this non-stop train of colds and flus that seem to be knocking myself and others out of commission.

Last update we talked about how what was going to be a little writing exercise turned into a full-fledged story. Well the good news is that now it is a story that you are able to play! Rising Angels: Fates Allegiance was release on and Google Play. There was a little bit of a delay getting this update out there (work and illness hinder me greatly), so I do ask for your understanding with that. The game ended up being a kinetic novel, but I do hope you will give the story a chance! A lot of heart went into it and it has been the first story I’ve written in a while that I had a lot of fun with!


It has been a month since the crew of the Katajion spaceship Nimross returned safely after a mission to recover a prized artifact went awry. Command’s support of how everything transpired is weak and many of her crew face disciplinary actions for their part in the operation. It all weighs heavily on Major Natalie Puccile, whose investigation led them down that route, but not nearly as much as the knowledge that she was forced to decide between the woman she cared about and her mission. With only a tankard and a collection of games to distract her from her life, Natalie begins to question why she signed up in the first place.

That’s when the first ray of hope in the storm of her life begins to shine through. A charming woman, Aria, comes to the suffering major with a dire plea. When taking a prominent researcher to a campsite, her shuttle went down and Aria needs the help of the KSS Nimross to save the lives of those now stranded and scattered on the planet. With a purpose driving her once again, Natalie sends the Nimross out once more to save the lives of the innocent.

Direct Sequel to Rising Angels: Reborn (the turning away ending; ending 4)

-Yuri kinetic novel (no choices)

-5-7 hours of excitement and adventure!

We are still working on getting it on Steam but you can currently download it on and Google Play.

So how is its brother, Fates Apostate, doing? Well, we lost our CG artists midway through last year and have had a drastically hard time finding someone to replace them and the writing is progressing at a painful crawl compared to Allegiance. We’ve been maintaining optimism, but things haven’t been very optimistic on that front, hence the drastic slowdown of updates. We’re determining our next course of action regarding the future of Fates Apostate and hope you enjoy Fates Allegiance while we work out a plan to either get Apostate out or refunds out to backers.

Until later, Chief out.

We need a video of the post! BEEP BEEP!

8 thoughts on “Allegiance Update (a month or so late in posting…)”

  1. I’m sorry things aren’t going so well for you, Chief.
    But Allegiance was AWESOME!!!
    I finished the Novel in one full sitting. Once I started reading, I just couldn’t stop til it was over!

    I don’t wanna say anything that could spoil it for potential readers, But I will say this.
    Thank you for a Beautifully done story!

  2. What number was the true end? All I remember is that I got the true end, there was yuri, and that it was a fun ride. (I also didn’t get to shoot someone who deserved it, but getting the girl was a little bit more important than revenge.)

  3. Well I got more than a little entertainment out of the first game and I have been watching for the sequel. I suppose I should go and get this.

  4. Hi! How are you nowadays, the site had been silent, and I was really looking forward to see if you could find people to finish up the game 😀

  5. I remembered RA: Reborn just a bit ago and did some searching to see if we could expect the next game any time soon; sad to see some of this news, but I’m glad you’re still working on it. I’ll be starting Allegiance shortly (maybe I’ll replay Reborn just to remind myself of what happened), and I’m looking forward to it and to eventually seeing Apostate.

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