Rising Angels: Fates


Possessing the crystal that almost killed the lives of the brave crew of the KSS Nimross, Special Investigations and Tactics officer Natalie Puccile is on the run from those she once served alongside. With nothing but the scraps of information from her previous investigation, Natalie is forced to scour the galaxy for hints of the truth and support from those who trust in her. But with threats from all sides closing in, will her skills as an investigator and the faith of those loyal few be enough to prevent the truth and safety of the galaxy from disappearing into nothingness?

Rising Angels: Fates is the continuation of the story in Rising Angels: Reborn

-Traditional visual novel story paired with the interactivity fitting of a military investigator!

-Story sections, it will play out like a traditional visual novel. While a lot less interactive than the investigative sections, there will still be choices in the story sections. These choices will more likely be about Natalie’s relationships with the crew and their day-to-day lives during the investigation. These choices will have an indirect impact upon the story, however. Your relationships with the crew can turn friends into enemies or make the insidious threats less likely to sabotage your endeavors. When you are a government special investigator, the right person can make or break your quest.

-Investigation mode, you get a lot more hands-on into the mysteries surrounding the crystals and the players seeking them. Investigation mode will allow you to interact with your surroundings, finding clues and unearthing new evidence that may lift the shroud around the events that are transpiring. With these clues, you will be able to gain light from those around you or push the right piece of evidence to force those who would work for evil back into the shadows. However, tipping your hand at the wrong point or pressing your allies too hard could easily undo everything you seek to accomplish. A good investigator will have to know when to let the little fish get away to snag the big one.

-Multiple endings depending on your behavior as an investigator

-Several female romantic interests as well as a male interest for the otome fans

-Commercial and free version; $15 for commercial version, free for the free version (will contain fewer investigation sections and limited to Zuri’s story; we want to make sure those who played Reborn still get to see Natalie and Zuri’s story)

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