After many, many, many e-mails regarding the matter, I am humbly bowing my head and allowing donations for the studio. Because I love my fans and want to show my gratitude, I have brought back a reward tier system similar to the Rising Angels: Fates kickstarter one. The big two differences between them is that the Faye story is kickstarter exclusive and not available through these donations.  The other big difference is that some of the prices for the higher tiers and international shipping have changed. This is to be closer to the actual costs (the KS prices were wrong and I’m paying a lot out of pocket for my mistakes).

Thank you for helping me keep development going strong.

Rules and notes:

-After donating via Paypal, please send an e-mail to with the e-mail you would like any digital items sent to, which items you would like, and just to confirm that we received it. If you don’t send the e-mail, I won’t know what you would like.

-Please add $20 for international shipping on physical items.

-All digital items will be sent out on release of the game. It’s hard to give things like an art book when the art is still being drawn.

-Occasionally, new items will appear as time goes on and old ones will run out. I’m not a business, so I try to keep the number of gifts I have lying around to a minimum.

Donation button:

Donation tiers:

$1- You will have my gratitude.

$15- You will receive a digital version of the Rising Angels: Fates at release.

$30- In addition to receiving a digital version of the game, you will have the choice of either the digital book of short stories from different Rising Angels characters perspectives or the digital Rising Angels’s codex, containing information from all across the universe!

$45- In addition to receiving a digital version of the game, you will receive both the codex and the book of short stories.

$70- In addition to the story stuff you’ll get from the above tiers, a digital art book will be included that shows the art over the Rising Angels series, including some never released pieces. Also at this tier is some bonus content for the story, including a few extra CG, some side events, and an extra tale with Intelligence Director Sora.

+$40 to any previous tier- Get a 32″ x 48″ special edition wall scroll of the adventurers of Rising Angels: Fates to adorn your walls. Stock is limited and discontinued. Other designs will become available as time goes on.

Current wall scroll (14 left):


+75 to any previous tier- Get a 21″ x 60″ double-sided peach skin dakimakura of either the Rising Angels: Hope protagonist Faye, Rising Angels: Reborn/Fates Natalie, or Reborn/Fates love interest Zuri. This addition can be added multiple times. Stock is limited and, like the wall scrolls, will be discontinued after the first order. Other designs will become available as time goes on.

Current dakimakura (Warning: All images are NSFW):

Faye (8 left):

Natalie (3 left):

Zuri (0 left):