Anton’s Vacation: Episode One

Episode One (The Orange Duck Tape Experience): Anton Rogers, Supreme Commander of the Katajion Directorship and hero of the universe, has had enough. After saving humanity from a destructive war that ravaged the universe for decades, there’s nothing he wants more than to just take a few days away from the death and destruction. With his two beautiful bodyguards and assistant in tow, the young commander prepares for the blissful paradise. Yet, the most dangerous mission of all awaits him. A splinter cell with a weapon that could spell the death of millions threatens the lives of not only his comrades, but the entire planet of Uterik with countless innocents. Can Anton prevent the disaster that has been foretold and save the day or is he doomed to devastating fate?

Downloadable version of the walkthrough w/notes: AV EP:1 Walkthrough


Download links… (Roughly 93 MB)
Current Version: v1.$#-5.Triangle

All: Download (IDHAS)
Episode Two is also out as well.


2 thoughts on “Anton’s Vacation: Episode One”

  1. This game is amazing although i haven’t finished it yet, haha. xD
    Love the style of it and the jokes but the only thing i don’t like is Name’s nose…xD
    its just bugging me…O_O…but other than that its an awesome game and I can’t wait two finish playing! 😀

    1. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying it so far! I worry sometimes that my jokes are a bit harsh, so it always makes me happy when readers like them. ^_^

      A lot of people have said that about her nose! XD That’s why the sprites are redone entirely for future episodes.

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