Rising Angels Series

Rising Angels is a series of visual novels that tell the stories of military officers in a futuristic world. So far, there have been two stories in the series.

Rising Angels: Hope is a prequel to the first major work in the series. It follows the story of Faye Moonfallow as she works to become a military officer.

Rising Angels: Reborn is the first major visual novel of the Rising Angels series. It tells the story of Natalie Puccile, a special investigator sent on a mission to discover the fates of a lost research team and the relic they pursued.

Rising Angels: Fates is the sequel to Reborn and is still currently in development.

2 thoughts on “Rising Angels Series”

  1. I played the demo and totally loved it!! On the demo there is a save and load will that option be available on the full version? Since the demo was a little long(not complaining, really got what the story line was about) and i could actually save it.

    1. I’m glad you liked it. ^_^ The buttons on the GUI will be ready by release. Until then, you can hit the ESC key. That will pull up the standard ren’py save/load screen.

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