Fates Weekly Update #39

Hello, folks! It’s Saturday night and that means it is time to boogy on the dance floor! Wait… it isn’t? When did disco die?! There’s a very large music festival going on not too far from here and they aren’t playing any hip beats! Back in my day… I wonder if Terranivium could do a disco track for Fates… Get Natalie in some bell bottoms and… what I mean to say is let’s get back to the update.

Wordcount: 5555 (Jackpot! I mean… this week, I was writing some of Name’s romance scenes. Name’s possible romances are a bit more complicated to write because I’ve got to try to get pre-Rising Angels stories into Fates without being dry or hamfisting them in. Yoi is easier than Anton since she basically just forces herself into the lives of any character she meets. While there is some history between them, its easy when they’re co-workers and Yoi’s a complete flirt. Anton carries baggage with him. Name blames him for ruining her career, while Anton can’t figure out what is wrong with her. It is a story I’m weaving into the plot while trying to tell the current plot. I won’t lie to you, it has been challenging at some points.

That’s why I’ve been writing Faye. Faye might have history in the series longer than any other character, but Name and Faye are fresh. It’s the lazy, na├»ve lupide paired up with the active, grumpy detective and they can play off each other without the fear of old stories trying to interfere. Other than Lenna and Faye; that completely interferes with Name’s almost tsundere efforts to bond with the adorable Faye. Between Lenna and Yoi, Name has some competition for winning Faye’s heart.

But the scenes between them are adorable. The one I most recently wrote might end up being my favorite. Poor Faye pushes herself too hard on Tropolain and ends up falling ill after returning to the Nimross. Not terribly ill, not deathbed… yet, but down under the weather. You have two different choices with it. You can let Dr. Eve take care of her patient (which will score average points with Faye) or you can risk trying to take care of the lupide yourself. If you try too hard, it turns into a fairly wacky scene. If you’re a jerk and don’t try hard enough, you make Faye slightly worse and make her feel more alone in the world. If you try as best as you can, there’s a touching scene of bonding between the two girls. It can’t cure deadly toxin damage, but friendship can heal a lot of emotional damage…

Starting next week will be our first promotional contest for Fates. There was a lot of debate about what sorts of contests and themes we would do for possible events. Since some of the major themes of all Rising Angels games are time and growth, I was thinking we’d start with a fanart contest to celebrate where we have come. Prizes are going to be money, merchandise, and maybe a few other special goodies if I can get approval in time! More details and start of the contest will come out in the next Weekly Update!

Trailer video is finally starting to shape up right. Video editing was something I was brand new to when I first started. My first couple attempts at making a Rising Angels: Fates trailer video were bad. Really bad. I’ve been practicing for the last few weeks to learn the ins and outs and I think I’ve finally learned enough to make another solid go at it. It was taking me an hour at one point to make six seconds of terrible video. Not so bad now.

Short week, mostly prep stuff going on. Next week starts the fun though, so stay tuned! Until then, Chief out!


For our video of the post, let’s enjoy a pretty awesome video game music video.

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