Fates Weekly Update #8

Hello, folks! It’s that time of the week again! Actually, I’m not really sure what time it is right now. It’s dark, but it turns dark at noon nowadays, so who knows…

-Word count: 32884 (2,882 this week. I committed one of the gravest sins of all in writing. Most people know of the writer’s block. Most creative arts have it in some form or fashion. Now, the best way to get around this is to skip around or try writing something different. Sitting there and fighting against a wall kills productivity. Today’s story is a sad tale of woe. This week, I started my NaNo story of Natalie in a world of heroes and magic. I had a tough time with it. I should have given up and tried writing something else… but I am a prideful man. I wasn’t going to let it go. By Thursday, I had written almost a dozen openings and every single one of them was terrible. I’d made no progress in Fates or anything else. So… I finally came to my sense and wrote some young Zuri and Fates.)

-Music: We got some pretty strong musicians who showed interest in helping the studio. I’m going through them right now and deciding who to give the commission to. Please standby just a little longer.

-Sprites: We are getting closer to the completion of another one of the route characters. Like I mentioned last week, not all the characters are going to have romance routes. Natalie’s younger sister, Nàme, is one of them. Might be the only one, now that I think about it…

Name: Nàme Wagner

Age: 22

Gender: F

Rank: Captain

Nationality: Katajion

Bio: Nàme is lead detective of the judicial sector security team sent to arrest Natalie. Nàme tends to be incredibly stubborn and focused when it comes to arresting criminals and villains. Like her sister, Nàme wanted to be a SITO and become a fleet tactician. To her sister’s knowledge, she became one and was telling Natalie. What happened between then and now remains a mystery. Nàme claims no relation with her sister, denying that she has anything to do with a traitor. However, she loves and admires her older sister, hoping that she can find a way to prove Natalie innocent.

Chief’s Notes: Nàme Takase… Wagner… Puccile… Nàme has had so many different last names. As some of you might have noticed from previous characters, there was a time when a lot of characters had Japanese names for no adequately explored reasons. Some of those characters had their names changed (Sol being one of them), others disappeared from the canon. Nàme didn’t disappear though. She is keeping her father’s last name instead of her mother’s (like Natalie).

Like Sol, Lenna, and Yoi, Nàme came from the early days of the fiction. I think she might have been around longer than those three. I’d have to find the original paper script to be able to answer for sure who came first. Since the start, Nàme has had a very defined personality. She was a tsundere from the very beginning. Prideful and ambitious, Nàme was determined to be the best there ever was. To catch them was her real test. To train them was her cause. She was as stereotypical as you could get. Of course, unlike Natalie, Nàme had very few friends and was a lot more isolated. While Natalie was able to make friends and put her pride aside to learn her weakness, Nàme embraced her ego like a liferaft.

Nàme’s primary roles were in the Anton stories. The last visual novel that Nàme was in was the second episode of the Anton’s Vacation series. It is also the only visual novel that she was the protagonist of. The thing is that it wasn’t the only visual novel since then that she was SUPPOSED to be the main character of. That’s right, in the first draft, Nàme was the protagonist of Rising Angels: Reborn instead of Natalie. For those of you who noticed that Natalie was a lot more pompous and grumpy at the start, that is the reason why. Natalie stole her younger sister’s position when I started fleshing out the story. As much as I love her, Nàme is a very aggressive character. I didn’t like how she was interacting with the story. I didn’t like now she was going to end up making an enemy out of everyone, even Sol. I mean, they fought like hell in Katajion’s Dream. Without Anton and his calmness to counterbalance her, everything just felt wrong. So the role was changed and I started designing a new character to take the lead.

Now that we are getting into Fates, I realized it was time for the two major groups of the series (Anton and the Phoenix Investigative Squad and Natalie’s band of heroes) to go toe to toe. Nàme pretty much had her assured role when I decided to add Anton. They’re a pair. If you read AV2, you know I very strongly approve of their relationship. But that means Nàme is going to be put in an awkward place in Fates. Though she might insult her sister, they are close siblings. Nàme doesn’t want to put her in jail, she doesn’t want to be forced into any situation that might cause her to harm or even kill Natalie. But Nàme is loyal to her duty and loyal to Anton as well. Throughout the story, you are going to go up against her again and again. Nàme is not going to let you get away. Out of all the villains, she is both the most persistent, the most adaptive, and the one who knows what Natalie is going to do before she does it. With her at Anton’s side, he stands a serious chance of being able to stop her. So I pose the question to you, dear players. How prepared are you to succeed in your goal? Victory is made through sacrifice and some sacrifices are more painful than others. Is the life of your little sister worth the lives of the universe?

And with that, we are wrapped up for the evening. Stay tuned as we continue towards our goal! Chief out!