Fates Weekly Update #43

Hello, folks. It’s that time of the night where we turn on the black light and let the Dungeons and Dragons begin! It’s D and… what? It’s over? Apparently I can’t tell time and it is not D&D time, but time for the Fates Weekly Update.

Wordcount: So, good news this week! We have finally finished all of Act 3’s core. This week, I finished writing Name’s section of Act 3. Her section is a bit shorter than Natalie’s, but there is a fair bit more gameplay in it than Natalie’s. Natalie’s section has a lot more of the traditional clue gathering and interrogation sections that run throughout the game. Name’s, however, is a lot more puzzle focused as she attempts to break through the locks to gain access to her truths on Ona’thon. And survival. There’s very much a survival element for her.

Going into Act 4 is a lot of writing. There are a lot of possible options and the start of Act 4 is where everything comes back together. Who is alive, who is dead, what items have been acquired, what party members are slighted against, and what truths have been discovered all play into it. As this is the first time that Natalie and Name meet since the start of the game, it is a fair explosion of variables. What does that mean? That means for the next couple weeks, I’m going to be writing a thousand different variations of the same scene. Some of them are going to have minor variations, some of them are going to have a lot of variation. Natalie and Name being the only survivors facing each other with no understanding of the other’s actions is going to end a lot differently than if both parties are holding together and prepared to listen to the other.

I think the worst situation has to be the first one though. Even if you fail the events of Act 3 and only one party is still standing, you don’t have to pit protagonist against protagonist with nothing but their differences standing beside them. After the terrible ordeals that each has gone through, both investigators will stand by their convictions and what choices and items you have will determine who walks away from it. Even in the other outlined ends, the worst thing that will happen is pitting friend against friend, possibly lover against lover. But to turn against your family to defend the galaxy, to defend what you think is right. Tough choices, tough choices. But that’s how it goes when you as the player have the ability to influence the story. You make poor Chief have to write sad and painful ends.

CG: I was going to save this completed CG to show on a rainy day, but I think today might be a good reveal. We went through a lot of discussion if we were going to split our protagonists (for those of you who have stuck with us through this weekly updates), but I think we made the right choices in the end.

Voice acting: We have reopened auditions for Fates voice acting. Due to real life issues, we are being forced to recast Zuri, as well as introducing one final minor character. If you are interested, you can find more information here.

Art contest: We’ve had our first entry into Rising Angels fan art contest! As a reminder, you have left than a month remaining to get your entries in. After we finish up with the fan art contest, we will be holding the writing contest after that.

That’s all for this week. Tune in next time! Until then, Chief out!


For the video of the post, let’s reveal the song from the opening.

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