Fates Weekly Update #70

Hello, folks. It’s been an interesting couple of days. I finally got to hang up my flight suit and kick back as one of those civilians again… for about a minute or so before I had to put it back on as a guardsman. Of course, it is going to take a while before I get brought into the systems and get back to training, so I now have a lot of downtime. That means I can spend all day writing and doing those game development things that used to fight against the painful work hours before! Downside is there is now no income coming in for a while…

Writing: One question I have received is the question of linguistics. Everyone seems to be able to speak English and a lot of the diversity of language seems to have disappeared. Why is that?! Well, for this week’s section, I want to take a moment and explain how Natalie manages to communicate with her various crewmen without the never-ending headache of requiring a translator.

The first thing that is important to note is that all known species except for the elder species (Draemon, afrik, and certain frikon) share a common ancestry. Even though she wasn’t born there, Faye can trace her lineage back to a very specific group of humans in Western Europe prior to the virus attacks of Day of Death’s Veil. Kika as well can trace her history back to a group of people who spoke a Latin-based language. Same thing with Yoi, Sol, and most of the cast. Their languages all trace back to Earth, not something that was originated on a distant world.

“Wait, Chief,” I hear you cry. “Earth has a lot of different languages! Sure, they trace their history back to Earth, but different parts! Yoi, as shown in other visual novels, knows Japanese!” Excellent observation, but there is one major player in history that took care of that pesky business. Not too long after humanity fled out into space, the collective of surviving nations were suppressed under those nations who had the fortune of having the technology and ships of the lost task force. In order to survive, a lot of traditions of those different nations were quickly… purged… to make a stronger order. A lot of languages were lost under the oppressive rule of the United Confederation of Planets, and only a few of the nations who were able to retain their independence by force (the Trilani Rangers being an example) were able to preserve these languages. However, when most of the universe is forced into speaking one language, even these outliers were forced to learn it.

After the United Confederation of Planets dissolved into the three major powers during the rebellion, that forced common heritage still exists in most parts of the galaxy. Most holidays and limited religious activities that were common in those days are still shared among the different nations. Only those outliers create some trouble. The idea of birthdays is not one that most draemon comprehend easily. Poor Zuri might have been taught common when she joined the Katajion Space Force, but nobody taught her what to do when the girl she loves has a birthday.

Voice acting: Got all of the lines for the voice acting for Rising Angels: Fates! I’m going through right now and I’m pretty stoke about getting the last acts lines into place. Zuri in particular is too adorable during those final scenes.

Rising Angels: Hope adjustment: Okay we have three different updates for this one, the good one, the bad one, and the terribly ugly one.

Good one: This week’s part is out! Sadly, that really isn’t good news for most of you. I suppose the good news really is that there is nothing hindering the episodic experiment. We are planning on a Friday release for the game though! But there is some… ugly news…

Bad news: You might have noticed that last week there was no update. Turns out that leaving your flash drive behind after you go cross-country to move 3,000 lbs down three flights of stairs creates delays in the release schedule. Thankfully, I won’t be going anywhere any time soon, so no more risks there.

Ugly news: I didn’t open with the fact that the amount of work I have dropping to radically low levels for the usual banter reasons. It has put both my and Fuzzy’s food situations into what I would refer to ask drastically dangerous levels of starvation. Without seeing a decent paycheck for at least 3 months, I am being forced into a situation where I need to find a way to keep the kibble in his bowl before he eats me. The way we have decided to do that is by selling Rising Angels: Hope. Now, before you all call for my head, I didn’t come to this decision lightly. Making it so everyone can always enjoy my games is the dream, but dreams don’t keep the power on to make those games. I simply can only bow my head and ask for your support for this painful decision. We are looking at somewhere between $10-15 with heavy discounts while the episodes drop to encourage early support. With all six episodes, the game is roughly 7-9 hours. All backers of RA: Fates and studio donators (prior to this post) will get access to the game for free. That has not changed.

That’s all for this week. With Hope on the backhalf now, talks are going to slip back as we start gearing up for a big Fates release! Slow and steady wins the race (as well as having massive amounts of free time to write). Until next time, Chief out!


For today’s video o’ the post, we will celebrate my departure from active duty with Wild Blue Yonder! I wonder what the Katajion Space Force would use for their song…

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