Go Go Gadget Weekly Report

Another week, another weekly report. I was hoping we’d get some questions so I could have a fun ranting session, but things are rather quiet. They’ve been rather quiet around here as well. Every week can’t be as action-packed as last week was.Wordcount: 46,000, I had to rewrite some scenes, so my weekly wordcount was roughly 7k. Not bad for me, especially since I was sick for several of those days. I finally hit the first ending to the script (one of the bad endings). I’d say I’m maybe 20k from the ending of Zuri’s route. After that, I’ll start working on Sol’s route. Fortunately or unfortunately, I like to craft each route to be unique for each character. Subtle changes here and there along the “common route” that help make each character’s story unique and worth not skipping over. That’s why I like writing kinetic novels; it can get ugly as the differences stack up. I’m running short on time, but I think I still have this. I don’t think 3 hr playtime is going to be accurate any more. Maybe 3-4 per route…

Sprites: Sprites are almost completed. 8/9 are done.

CG: No updates for this week

Script: It’s that time again when I start looking for help to check my script and tell me just how batty nuggets I am. If you are interested in getting that early sneak peak and helping me out, let me know.

Misc: We will officially be putting out a port for Android. Komi has taken the time to figure out RAPT.

Since we are getting closer to release (45 days out), I suppose it is time to do a showing of our current GUI and whatnot. I’m still working on getting side-by images setup. Totally decreasing the number of winged characters in the next game…


As always, if you have any comments, concerns, questions, or curiosities, feel free to throw them my way. Since comments are disabled, you’ll have to go to the LSF thread or e-mail me at chief (at) idhasstudios(dot)com.

And I didn’t do a video of the post last week! I bring great shame upon my family. There is only one way I can make this up… STAR WARS DANCE OFF!