Tales of a Fourth Grade Code Monkey

It’s time for the weekly report. By gosh, has it been a painful week for me. Good for all of you, agony for me.

Wordcount: 65,000 (It was at 68,000 but I’ve been editing)

Plot: Zuri’s route is completely finished!

Sprites: Sprites for another game have been done. There’s a bishoujo/yuri game (a short one this time) already lining up in the pipe.

Coding: Not just the script, but the whole damn thing is ready for primetime. I’ve spent the good portion of the week dealing with positioning and emotions. Long. Painful. Necessary. When I thought I was done, I realized that I hadn’t done Natalie, which meant that I had to go back and add all of her side sprites. I now know what code monkey hell is like.

VA: All of the roles have been cast. Right now, I’m going through the script and highlighting the lines for everyone. This week has been dull repetitive task week.

Misc: I’m going to be sending out the preview to testers here shortly.

Okay. No more typing for now. My fingers hurt. Until next week!


Video of the week? I almost didn’t put one up because I was too busy trying to find the answer.